GE's out of the way or are they de-stressor classes?


i need advice from nursing students or nurses. should i:

spread classes out and take 2 years to do pre-reqs and get GE's out of the way


finish pre-reqs in one year and do GE's in the summer/during nursing school?

basically, is it better if i dont have to worry about GE's during nursing school or are GE's really the de-stressor classes?

if you were me, would you rather wait 5 years to graduate OR just 4 years PLUS summer classes?

thanks a bunch!!


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I did summer granted I've been going for 4 years, but that is mainly because I only go to school part-time (work full-time) and I had a baby in that time as well, so that shifted my schedule a bit.

But personally, I didn't think summer classes were all that bad, especially for GE's.

Good luck!


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Personally for me, the GE's were the classes that allowed me not to think as heavily as in my required classes. Not that they were easy but it was nice to NOT have to think about bio or chem or anatomy or anything like that for at least one course a semester.


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The other consideration is whether you'll need to keep full time student status for financial aid reasons, many scholarships require that you take at least 12 credits a term. If you do all your GE classes around NS, you'll need to find filler classes to take during NS.




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personally, i reccomend taking some summer classes. they are usually more laid back and a bit cheaper, at least at my school they are.


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I think I probably would have made a better GPA had I spread things out a bit more. If you're not in a hurry for a paycheck maybe it would be better to to a 5 year plan?


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if you get financial aid then do them prior b/c federal help doesnt work during summer

i say do them before b/c nursing school is hard enough w/o having anything else to worry about. you will have your summers off to chill and not worry about anything. depending on what school you go to your gen ed classes may not be a push over

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I think I probably would have made a better GPA had I spread things out a bit more. If you're not in a hurry for a paycheck maybe it would be better to to a 5 year plan?

That is a good point especially if your acceptance hinges on your gpa. I crammed them in and loved summer classes because they are shorter but managed to maintain a 4.0, until I started nursing school, lol. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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I would just do the pre-reqs and generals now before you're into don't want to get through a program, and then not be able to start working because you don't have the required GE's to get your degree. Plus, you'll want to only focus on nursing stuff during nursing school....

Microbiology wasn't a pre-req before school, as long as you had it done by the end of 3rd semester...I had family issues come up so I had to drop out the summer before..and petition the school to allow me to take NS classes and micro at the same was brutal. When I wasn't in NS, I was in micro...and I wound up having to be at school 4 days a was rough.


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For me the GE are de-stressor classess.I took one (Microbiology) during this summer and I loved it.I actually enjoyed coming to this class,the teacher was awsome and relaxed (didnt have the attitude of drill sergeant or ego superiority issues),he constantly reminded us we can achieve our best.After spending a year in nursing program I forgot how "normal" and fun general education classess are.I came to appreciate them after starting NS.

And yes! 70% is passing and there are curves....

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I would try to get them all out of the way before you start nursing school. Nursing school is stressful enough as it is, you really don't want to add pre-reqs to the mix.

thanks everyone! i'll just do GE's before nursing school. i figured i might as well have one or two relaxing years before i completely go crazy in nursing school! GE might be destressor classes but i think i'd really need to focus on nursing :)

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