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  1. I was a travel nurse in Med/Surg during the mid-90's and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (and met my husband, too!) ? Transitioned to the health insurance arena in 2002 and never looked back. Have worked in all different functions of health reimbu...
  2. Likely moving to Ireland from US ... NMBI?

    Thanks for the great replies and info! I just noticed the spell checker changed "U/R" to 'your' in my original message ... LOL. Well, because of the virus his offer is now on hold and may not happen at all. What a bummer. But the company said they wi...
  3. Hello, My husband received a job offer from his company that is based in US but has a new location in Ireland. I was looking into applying for approval from NMBI but it states 12 months of practice is required within the past 5 years. I left bedside ...
  4. Missouri RN Refresher Course

    Hello, I'm a MO licensed RN that has worked away from the bedside since 2002. After sitting behind a computer for the past 17 years ... would really like to pursue clinical 'hands on' care again (at least on a PRN basis.) Know I will need an RN refre...
  5. US RN with ADN/ASN degree moving to AUS

    Hi, does anyone know if it must be a 'brick & mortar' BSN ... or will online be accepted? Had read this on another message board but not able to find a source to back it up. Thanks!
  6. Anyone work for Fonemed?

    Thanks for the information! I don't have tele-triage experience but I do have lots of varied nursing experience.
  7. I wouldn't let this hold you back! I have been researching online progams and I'm considering SLU, too. My only hesitation is $$$.
  8. some questions about taking coding course

  9. Anyone work for Fonemed?

    I just heard of this company recently. Would love to hear more about your interview experience with them!
  10. Not bad ... Chamberlain RN-BSN update!

    Congrats on a successful search! Thanks for sharing all of your research! That is so awesome that they are waiving College Algebra. Economics is not that bad. I really enjoyed it but maybe I'm weird.
  11. Papers and APA, argh!

    Someone on another thread mentioned 'Reference Point' software.
  12. Nope! Not unless you need some door stops. :chuckle Seriously, I never used mine again. I just used an NCLEX review book. If you don't sell them right after the end of the semester, they usually aren't worth anything, though.
  13. GE's out of the way or are they de-stressor classes?

    I think I probably would have made a better GPA had I spread things out a bit more. If you're not in a hurry for a paycheck maybe it would be better to to a 5 year plan?
  14. Maybe it was a big mistake to be a nurse :(

    The advice "you need a year of Med-Surg" is so outdated! I heard the same thing from almost every one of my nursing instructors. I spent six miserable years in Med-Surg because I listened to them (thinking I would only do one year) then I got 'stuc...
  15. I took A&P in my first semester of ADN program and there were no pre-reqs. Good luck!