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Case Management / Travel Nursing?


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I was a travel nurse in Med/Surg during the mid-90's and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (and met my husband, too!) šŸ™‚ Transitioned to the health insurance arena in 2002 and never looked back. Have worked in all different functions of health reimbursement and became a certified medical coder. Was recently intrigued to discover that Case Management is a specialty that can travel. I don't have actual Case Management experience in the hospital but performed U/R, U/M, LOS reviews, Medical Necessity, appeals, etc. on the payer side. Don't think I would qualify for CM roles but Utilization Review would be a good fit and I could hit the ground running. Wanted to ask if anyone here has experience as a travel RN in these roles? Thank you!


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I was wondering this too. I have been in case management for a few years and working on getting my certification now (delayed due to testing/class cancelled), but as my husband and I are soon šŸ¤žto pay off our mortgage it may be something fun to do when so have more flexibility. I see assignments but was wondering rate of pay? How it compared to other specialties?
One different aspect is that hospitals tend to still do 5/8 hour shifts- which makes exploring the area a bit more difficult.

Hope someone has a real answer for you.