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Likely moving to Ireland from US ... NMBI?

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AJL_91 has 17 years experience .

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My husband received a job offer from his company that is based in US but has a new location in Ireland. I was looking into applying for approval from NMBI but it states 12 months of practice is required within the past 5 years. I left bedside nursing 18 years ago and have worked in health insurance in different roles like your/UM, audit, medical claim review, etc. Will that meet the 12 months of practice requirement? Or do I need to have actual 'hands on' nursing care to apply through NMBI? Also, not sure which work permit my husband will be under--transfer or critical skills? That seems to make a difference in whether the spouse is qualified to work, too. Feeling very overwhelmed! Anyone been through this with Ireland?

Thank you! - AJ

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Cloud9RN has 11 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Rehab.

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Hi. We had somewhat the same scenario. When I applied in 2017 my last bedside experience was in 2012 but from 2015-2017 I was working as UM nurse in the Philippines and I used that experience on my NMBI application and they accepted it. Nursing experience doesn't have to be bedside experience. As long as your are practicing your profession be it in a clinic, company nurse, insurance nurse you are good to go. I got my registration in Ireland in 2017 however in 2018 I moved here in the US.

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waufah has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU,Tele,Interventional Radiology,PACU,Research.

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Hi AJ,

  1. I was able to apply for a PIN with the NMBI in 2018 and found the process was quite frustrating.If you are obliged to hold a nursing license in your current job,then that should be enough as experience within the last year.
  2. You need a BSN atleast or further courses after your ASN. The NMBI is very specific,you must follow the application pack,do not leave blanks and explain everything. You also need to call and email them constantly on any update on you application. They lost my paperwork twice, make COPIES of everything you send.
  3. After all that and they finally say you can get on the register,you will need an employer to sponsor you for a supervised adaptation period of 6 weeks or you can sit the OSCE( a 2 day exam of mutiple questions and 12 clinical scenarios),this will cost 3,000Euros. I had to take the OSCE because I couldnt find an employer to sponsor me.......after mutiple emails and resume appplications. 
  4. You brought up the issue of immigration. Most employee get a Stamp 1 through work sponsorship. The stamp 1 consist of critical skills,hosting agreement(research), and general employment permits. As it stands only spouses of critical skills and hosting agreement permit holders are allowed to work. You husband is better off insisiting on a critical skills permit or else you have to get an employer to sponsor you for a work permit if you want to work here.
  5. Lastly,nursing in Ireland is very different from America. I work in research but I do visit the hospitals in their health system(HSE) . You might find it hard to work in the wards,try something in management or private hospitals.

If you can, see if your employer will let you work remotely or find jobs that will. There are alot of pharmas here that you might find a job without needing a license. Also all the jobs are in Dublin.

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AJL_91 has 17 years experience.

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Thanks for the great replies and info! I just noticed the spell checker changed "U/R" to 'your' in my original message ... LOL.

Well, because of the virus his offer is now on hold and may not happen at all. What a bummer. But the company said they will continue to keep him in mind when things pick up again. Not really a good time to be moving to another country, I suppose.

Thanks again for the wonderful replies!!

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