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Cloud9RN has 12 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Rehab.

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  1. I took the exam 4 yrs ago. It's far different from NCLEX. It's easier its more objective. It's a 150 questions I believe.
  2. Cloud9RN

    How many nurses get green cards in a year

    140,000 immigrant visas per fiscal year for all professionals including Nurses.
  3. Cloud9RN

    How to get EB3 Green Card Visa for nurses&

    I came here in the US through EB3 immigrant sponsored visa. I applied for NCLEX thru New York Board of Nursing in 2016. No SSN required. They will issue you a license without SSN. Once you pass NCLEX look for an agency then take IELTS for Visa Screen certificate. My employer filed an immigrant petition on my behalf in 2017 and I arrived here in the US in 2018. Total waiting time was 1 year and 7 months.
  4. Cloud9RN

    Saline Flushes - My Old As Dirt Question

    I always scan saline flushes. It's always in our E-MAR PRN and it will be counted/reflected in the medication intake and output... We kept our saline flushes in the Medroom.
  5. Cloud9RN

    Likely moving to Ireland from US ... NMBI?

    Hi. We had somewhat the same scenario. When I applied in 2017 my last bedside experience was in 2012 but from 2015-2017 I was working as UM nurse in the Philippines and I used that experience on my NMBI application and they accepted it. Nursing experience doesn't have to be bedside experience. As long as your are practicing your profession be it in a clinic, company nurse, insurance nurse you are good to go. I got my registration in Ireland in 2017 however in 2018 I moved here in the US.
  6. Cloud9RN

    CRRN 2020

    Hi. I'm using specialty practice of rehab mursing 7th edition, crrn exam secrets study guide and crrn flash cards. 😊😊
  7. Cloud9RN

    CRRN 2020

    Hi. I'm using the same book as yours. I am scheduled to take the exam in June. Have you registered to sit for the exam yet? I'll be taking the exam at home as per ARN due to Covid.
  8. Cloud9RN

    My Green Card Timeline

    through an agency.. Worldwide Health Solutions. 🙂
  9. Cloud9RN

    My Green Card Timeline

    Hello everyone. Especially those Nurses who wish to pursue their American Dream. I'd like to share with you my timeline towards getting the Green Card in 1 year and 7 months. Feb 2016 - Passed NCLEX July 2016 - Passed IELTS August 2016 - US Hospital Interview (Passed) November 2016 - Documents sent for I-140 filing January 2017 - Got my I-140 Receipt Notice with PD of Jan 2017 February 2017 - Got my Visa Screen. (Started processing for my VS January 2017) July 2017 - I-140 Approval Notice August 2017 - Flew to Ireland to work as Nurse temporarily. August 2017- Received my NVC Welcome Letter January 2018 - Requested change of Embassy from Philippines to US Embassy Dublin March 2018 - PD became current ( Second Chart) May 2018 - Received Immigrant Visa Fee Bill June 2018 - Documentary Qualified July 2018 - PD became current ( First Chart) July 2018 - Interview Letter Received August 2018 - Embassy Interview and was put on Administrative Processing. August 26, 2018 - Visa Issued October 2018 - Arrived in the US. POE Chicago! To those who are still waiting be patient, you will all soon get your immigrant visas! Good luck! 🙂
  10. Cloud9RN

    Denied I-140

    The usual denial is not on the applicant's side. It is mostly on your employer side. Usual factors that affects your I-140 application is your employer's tax, prevailing wage etc...
  11. Came here on EB3 visa. Most employer file EB3 for nurses outside the US provided they have already passed the NCLEX. Its very rare for employer to sponsor H1b working visa. Those nurses under h1b are either employed in a Magnet hospitals wherein they require all their nurses to have BSN Degree. Requirement for EB3 is at least an Associate degree in Nursing. But for me Id rather be sponsored under EB3 than H1b coz EB3 is immigrant visa/permanent residency.
  12. Cloud9RN

    Nursing progress notes cheat sheet

    I am a bit curious. What type of system are you using in your facility for documentation etc?
  13. I have work in acute rehab for about 7 months now. I am foreign educated RN and works full time on nights on a 13 bed capacity acute rehab. I love my unit. It's a slow pace unit for me actually. At the start of the shift I get to review all my patient charts, then prepare meds and do head to toe physical assessment. Midnight would be purely charting like bradens, FIMS, updating plan of cares, progress notes, passing PRN pain meds etc. I would also help my CNA answering call lights if I'm not busy. So far I love what I am doing except if we are low in census and we get to float to other units which makes me real anxious lol. As of now I am preparing to take the CRRN later this year. 🙂
  14. Cloud9RN

    Nursing Immigration within the US

    Our hospital here in Missouri are still hiring Nurses with NCLEX.
  15. Cloud9RN

    Filipino Nurses, how are you?

    BSN Graduate batch 2007 2017: RN in Ireland 2018 onwards: US RN
  16. Cloud9RN

    EB3 PHILIPPINES 2016 discussions

    EB3 applicant here from Philippines. PD January 2017. Just got my immigrant visa last month August. :-)