what would do you in this kind of situation?

  1. what would you do if you go into patients room and find out that patient have expired and patient is a full code?
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  3. by   Piscean
    I would take a set of vitals, and if the patient indeed expired, notify the charge nurse, the patients physician, the hospital supervisor as well as the patients family. The organ donation facility would have to be notified to see if the patient is a candidate for organ donation .The body would have to be cleansed tagged and wrapped, atleast at my facility.
    You didn't provide much details, just the fact that the patient expired and she was a full code.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    At our facility, we have to initiate a full code on all expirations that are not DNRs, even though it is rather obvious that the patient has been deceased for a while. We typically perform CPR on the corpse until EMS arrives and pronounces death.
  5. by   Daytonite
    Yell for help; have someone call 911 and start CPR.
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    Start CPR, yell for help, and do until someone in charge tells you you can stop....
  7. by   nursemary9
    Feel for a pulse (carotid)
    Call the code--however that is done in your facility; we push a button which is connected to the operator; Call for help from co-workers to get code cart, initiate rescue breathing & cpr;

    We must call the code for all pt's unless there is a LET order (DNR).

    In our facility, as 1 person is doing the compressions, we are placing the pads (quick-combo pads). The code team is usually there before the machine begins the analysis; however, if the code team for some reason is delayed, if the machine instructs defibrillation, it is done.
    However, I have never seen them this delayed.
    Our code team then takes over & we are runners & recorders.

    I work in a large, big city, teaching hospital.

    Actually, this happened to me just last week. The code that followed was one of our better codes, even tho the pt. didn't make it.
    In fact, we only ran the code for the minimum amout of time---10 min. because it was pretty obvious this man was not going to come back.
  8. by   marjoriemac
    In my experience, if the person is cold,probably dead for a while, we notify doc and family after taking obs to verify. Doc comes and announces death.
  9. by   traumaRUs
    I think much depends on your policies of your facility. I would follow those procedures.
  10. by   sleepyndopey
    You have to start a full code and continue until paramedics arrive and take over. I have been in this situation.The patient was dead as a doornail but we had to keep going with CPR. Of course we were not very enthusiastic with the chest compressions until the medics arrived-if you know what I mean.
  11. by   fultzymom
    I work in LTC and we have to initiate CPR and call 911. Even when you can tell that they have been deceased. We can only stop when paramedics take over.
  12. by   widi96
    Only the docs pronounce on anyone who is not a DNR - meaning even if you know they are gone you call the code and initiate CPR. If they are that far gone, then the ER doc will call it shortly, but you at least have to make the effort.
  13. by   gt4everpn
    the ltc where i work, a lot of the residents are dnr, but if not like everyone above me said, get vs, call supervisor, m.d, family, etc...
  14. by   cmo421
    If u walk in and they are dead,dead,dead, then let them be dead in peace. A full code is done on a warm body,not one in rigor. No family member or ME is going to tag u for making a judgement that is in the best interest for all. Document what u found, how the body was, lack of VS and move on. Codes are expensive and even in the ACLS protocol, they say dead is dead. I would not be breaking ribs on a body that lacked spirit for a time. JMO!