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  1. You won't lose your license for anything that happened to get the facility in trouble unless you are the one who caused the problem and the board deems you responsible. Employeers shoud not be threatening you for anything. I would get out of there as soon as possible. Don't let them guilt them into staying if you truly feel the place isn't good.
  2. fultzymom

    LTC-overnight visitors/family members who never leave-

    Our facility allows families to stay as long as they are respectful of other residents/roommates. It seems to work out well for us. We have a young woman (20ish) whose father comes every night after he gets off work (2-10 at the prision). He comes in and checks on her, sits out with the night shift staff visiting, and may go back in and nap in his daughters room. We told him this is ok as long as he doesn't disturb the roommates and they don't mind. He did become belligerent with staff one night but reinforced that behavior like that will not be tolerated and haven't had problems since.
  3. fultzymom

    Problems/Issues encountered as an director of nursing

    Budget cuts, budget cuts, and more budget cuts. Deciding what staff will be cut with the next budget cut.......also it's hard to keep good staff when there haven't been raises in 3 years due to the budget cuts. Oh BTW did I mention the budget???? Medicare/Medicaid expect the same excellent care year after year while cutting money to the nursing homes year after year
  4. fultzymom

    Do all of your LTC charts have face sheets?

    We use a temporary face sheet the hospital sends us with all their information and our facility face sheet is on the chart the next working day of the admission.
  5. fultzymom

    LTC trach patient and no suitable suction catheters

    WOW! That's horrible and I would think twice about working for a place who stocked supplies like that.
  6. fultzymom

    Today's Dr. Phil shocker: Nursing home abuse

    If my parent were in an abusive situation in a nursing home I wouldn't leave the facility until my parent was on a gurney heading out the door to a new facility. As a DON I have asked a couple of families how they can leave their parent/loved one in a facility where they think they have been taken such poor care of. In my opinion if you leave your loved one in a neglectful or abusive situation you are just as guilty as the person who is actually doing the abusing or neglecting.
  7. fultzymom

    My day was ok until

    sounds right the other day i came home late and heard "Mom you are late!" from my 11 year old, "Babe did you bring anything home for supper" from my hubs, and "where have you been and what were you doing" from my 7 year oild. at least the dog was happy to see me
  8. fultzymom

    My day was ok until

    that sounds familiar. i was late the other night and heard this: mom you are late...babe did you bring home supper...and from my 7 year old......where have you been and what were you doing.....
  9. fultzymom

    "technician" dispensing meds under RN's licence (??)

    I would not want the responsiblity of being in charge of a medication aide. Ohio does utilize them some I think but we do not in the town I am from. And if I am giving all injections, PRNs, and anything that requires an assessment I might as well be doing the whole med pass and then I know what was given
  10. fultzymom

    Input needed

    We currently have a resident who does not chew. But she will drink any liquid given to her through a straw. We obtained an order from the ST to add milk to her pureed foods. Just enought that she can drink it through a straw. It might be worth a shot to try this. It works really well for my resident.
  11. fultzymom

    Odd question about death/deceased person's body

    I do not work in a hospital but a nursing home. We once had an experience where a family had not made any arrangements and could not decide what funeral home to use. The lady passes away around midnight and did not end up leaving our facility until 7am. All we did was put her in a room with no one else in it, shut the door and put on the air conditioner since it was late summer. Everything worked ok.
  12. fultzymom

    Why is the first year so hard???

    for me it was realizing that i was holding people's lives in my hands with each decision that i made. that is a huge responsibility. so not only are you adjusting to a new job, you have that to worry about. also getting used to dealing with families when their loved one is at a bad place in their life is difficult. nursing is hard work and a big adjustment. another thing is that you only learn the basics in nursing school. i did not realize how basic until i got out there and was practicing on my own!!!
  13. fultzymom

    Are you an introvert or extrovert?

    At work I am an extrovert. At home and in other public situations I am an introvent. Besides work, I would rather just be at home with my family. I hate get togethers!!
  14. fultzymom

    Monday thru Friday Jobs

    I work M-F but I am a unit manager and ADON at a nursing home. I have been here for six years. Before that I was a MDS nurse but had been here 4 years before I took that job too. Not a lot of nursing jobs are M-F.
  15. fultzymom

    Who owns Patient's Chart?

    Facility owns the chart. Patients or POA's have access. You don't just hand it over for them to pick through. We have them sign a letter of release et write on it all they want. Then medical records copy the pages they want and mail it to the person. Our facility states we have, I believe, one week to get it copied and sent to whomever requested it. Leslie
  16. fultzymom

    Does this concern anyone else?

    Our facility policy and my nursing school taught us to wear gloves whenever we are doing bathing. I think it is gross to think about giving someone a bath without gloves. The only person I bathe without gloves is myself and my kids, neice, ect. Maybe I am just weird but when I give a patient a bath, I am wearing gloves. Think about how many patients have BM's and urinate when they are in the shower. I want no part of that getting on me while I am bathing them. YUCK!!