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  1. Wondering about working for Davita Dialysis

    Hi tiffpritRn Im sorry for a late response. i kept checking my last response and didnt see any more post and didnt realize there was the next page. Thank you for the information. I am in texas, the worst place to work as a nurse. Ive made the bigge...
  2. Wondering about working for Davita Dialysis

    So if i apply for a patient care tchnician and if they do background check is my nursing license information going to show or does it only show criminal record? From what i read nurses can work in dialysis with drug related disciplinary acrion so i ...
  3. Wondering about working for Davita Dialysis

    If i have a board order from nursing am i going to be able to work as a patient care technician instead of nurse and is it still going to show up on the background check and going to be an issue? What kind of information is shown from background chec...
  4. I got warning because i was accused of hitting a patient in nursing home. thats why i got warning. Now I know I am never going to be able to work a nurse again/ If I got wrarning because I forgot to chart something or made a minor med error, maybe...
  5. I need an advice from you guys because I dont know who else I can ask for help. I received a warning on my license and I know I am never going to be able to work as a nurse again. So i thought about going back to school and study medical lab techni...
  6. I need to ask DON at long term care facility and i need an honest answer. If a nurse comes to you and tells you that her license has been disciplined for a false accusation of hitting a patient. Her license was put on either warning or reprimand. ...
  7. medical coding

    Is medical coding differet from HIT? ARe more hospitals or doctors office more likely to hire nurses with coding training or is it sitll difficult to find jobs after completing the program? I'm worried about how many people mentioned that medical co...
  8. medical coding

    Is anyone here working as a medical coding? I would like to hear more about it about job outlook, how difficult the job is, is there a lot of risk involved with this job?
  9. How about an inpatient rehab unit in the hospital? Patients are less acutely ill, better patient to nurse ratio then LTC. Your nurse manager doesnt seem to be very fair to me. ((hugs))))
  10. how to find a lawyer

    i'm looking for a lawyer to defend my license but if they charge more than other lawyers then it means they just want to make money?
  11. how to find a lawyer

    I am looking for a lawyer but how do I go about finding one? If I go to doctors office, there are some doctors who barely examed me and wanted to charge me for it and there are doctors who takes time and do a through exam and explain things. So i a...
  12. policy regarding reporting abuse

    would you sperate the patient from a person who abused pateint or woud you just call the supervisor?
  13. what is your facility's policy when a staff observe and reporting an abuse?
  14. So I was terminated from my job. If I am applying for a new position, and get an interview, how do I explain about my termination?? Do I expalin in detail why I was terminated or just tell interviewer I was terminated?
  15. I was sent home today from my work because my co-worker reported me to my boss that I hit one of my patient. I was very upset and I couldnt beleive that I was being accused of such a thing. Patient is very confused and disoriented so he is not goi...

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