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Im a nursing student.Can someone give me tips on what one would do initially in the following scenarios in the nursing home environment(doing rotation in nursing home)? 1.The resident says shes... Read More

  1. by   mstewart
    as a student myself, it does sound like you are trying to get the answers for an assignment, rune. Have a little respect for your fellow nurses, too. Kids was just trying to help you out by prompting you to think about the questions.

    Try it again, next time with what you think it might be. I bet you will get a lot more responses, and helpful ones at that.
  2. by   chiefswife
    Okay, I've been lurking in this post off and on all day, so I guess I need to put my two cents in - or at least I feel like I need to!

    Rune, if you want to know if you are headed in the right direction with the answers you came up w/yourself, great! If you want someone to give you the answers to your homework, you are doing yourself and your future patients a great injustice. Please re-phrase.

    Bob, I take exception to your "only a student" comment. I am a nursing student, but I am not "just" an anything. That phrase makes me think that you may not feel as positive about the role of a nursing student as we feel about ourselves. Please remember that you were a student once too.

    I hope I have not offended anyone!
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  3. by   glow_worm
    Ok, it doesn't matter to me if these Q's were asked b/c of an assignment. They seem like valid discussion material to me, and probably lots of students would like to know the answers. Below are my guesses -- can you judge/correct them? Thanks.

    1.The resident says shes having a pain in her chest. (assess pain quality/location, give nitro if standing order, then call Doc?)

    2.The resident complains of respiratory distress(visible)? (assess, call code, change postion/suction phlegm if airway blocked, give 2L O2 (or more?) if standing order & not COPD, call Doc, and be prepared to bag/transport to hospital?)

    3.The resident is not moving but is still alive(breathing)? (call code/EMT, give 2L O2 if standing order (or more?), call MD, and prepare to transport to hospital?)

    4.The resident claims to have severe pain despite being medicated with narcotics. (assess quality/location/nature, call MD)
  4. by   Gator,SN
    people like you ruin forums.Please i am simply dicussing things. Do not demand anything of gone.
    I dont like crabby people who own stinky cats! ok everyone got repelled by the cat lady going off to find another forum thanks.Cyas.
    What is it with the trolls here this week??
    Rune, critical thinking is one of the most important aspects of nursing. I can see by your response to Kids-r-fun, this will be the area you need to 'master'

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  5. by   Rustyhammer

    You guys are all great!

  6. by   ktwlpn
    A newly registered member that has started 2 threads and claims to be a student and a CNA working in a nursing home and also a nurse...I wonder which it really is? And why lie? (see "Resident Emergency" thread.....
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  8. by   canoehead
    If you are a student do not leave out calling for help on your to-do list.
  9. by   catlady
    Originally posted by RUNEMASTER
    I dont like crabby people who own stinky cats! ok everyone got repelled by the cat lady going off to find another forum thanks.

    Why do you say in this thread that you are a nursing student? In another thread, you initially claim to be a CNA, then you state you're an RN with two years' experience and you just wanted to see what kind of reaction you'd get.

    Here's my reaction: you're a flippin' troll.
  10. by   kids cats think trolls are stinky.
  11. by   catlady
    kids-r-fun, that is a beautiful meowie.

    I'm typing with one hand; one of my fluffies has commandeered the other arm...
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    In another thread she says she is a nurse who hates nursing and can hardly wait to retire. Interesting, huh? Can't figure out what she is seeking.
  13. by   itsme
    She is probably just some bored kid. If not, she certainly does need to grow up!