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catlady has 21 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. How do you become a Moderator for this site??

    Off-topic post removed.
  2. After you finish school and take your NCLEX, assuming you pass, and then find out that someone else may have compromised the test, how happy will you be to be ordered to retake your test, even though you know you did nothing wrong? I sense a little e...
  3. Disney Culture in Hospitals

    And this differs from your average acute care hospital how??
  4. I applied to six schools. Because I didn't apply until February, I was accepted at four and wait-listed at two. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  5. Unfortunately, in the LPN program where I taught, it seemed the only things needed were a pulse and a payor source. Some of my students were quite sharp, but others were barely literate. It made for a difficult teaching environment with such a wid...
  6. Would this discourage you?

    If she knows enough to pass the test, then I'd say her knowledge is current.
  7. Which Nursing Theory do you agree with?

    Are you going to keep posting all your homework?
  8. need t-shirts for winter!

    I've always done well with good quality men's T-shirts. They seem to hold up better and be more comfortable than women's.
  9. Would this discourage you?

    If they're not going to accept her credits, why shouldn't she be able to CLEP out of them? AFAIK, you only can't repeat courses that you're getting credit for--no double dipping.
  10. Nursing Pay

    Thank you for this post. I feel like I'm crying in the wilderness sometimes...
  11. LPN or RN?

    So you've been accepted into anesthesia school? Congratulations on making it through the cutthroat competition.... Or are you just assuming you're going? They want to see more than "1 year of bedside nursing." They generally want solid ICU or ER e...
  12. Does extern count?

    No, you need RN bedside experience. At least a year's worth, sometimes two.
  13. I'm sorry, but I will never understand how someone with no nursing experience can go to school and somehow be deemed master's-prepared, and a better nurse than someone with years of experience and a somewhat different educational background. Never ha...
  14. LPN or RN?

    So in your opinion she should skip the LPN and go right for the Ph.D???? She's already working on her RN and has the chance to take the NCLEX-PN while she's in school. It will give her instant marketability and increased income while she finishes up...