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I am almost at the end of the rope. I have a family member that is very upset and acting a fool because her resident's panties and skirts are missing. She pays $8 - $12 a pair for the panties that... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    Every time that the disappearance of personal clothing or other belongings was identified as a problem in the LTC facilities where I worked, the families became upset. Clothing was required to be marked, still things disappeared. We really had a problem with one resident. The state dinged the facility for humiliating the resident because the family took his clothing and really did a job by marking all over it with his name and other identifying data. I agreed that it was not dignified, but the family didn't care what the state said, they were fed up with replacing his belongings. And, it did cut down on his stuff missing. So the problem was pretty much solved for him. I also saw another resident in a different place, where the family did the same thing.
  2. by   angel o' mercy
    Having worked in a LTC facility, I can honestly say I have seen aides throw away pts underwerar if they were really soiled, and have also heard of employees stealing pts clothing. Gross.
  3. by   nrsbetrn
    Our facility policy is that we do not reimburse for any clothing garments unless we did something to damage the actual garment, such as shrinking or something like that. I offered myself to go and buy a package of the less expensive kind but ohhhh noooooo that wouldn't work. The resident could care less what panties she wears. The family member comes or calls everyday now about the panties. I have looked in other resident's drawers and closets, in the laundry rooms, in the shower rooms. The panties are gone. Someone suggested that maybe a staff member is taking them. That grossed me out but maybe they have a point. All I know is I'm thinking about writing a panty policy. We have to laugh or it will all get the best of us. Seriously though, I need a plan. Thanks
  4. by   Sabby_NC
    I am sorry but I had to giggle at this post.I guess for the residents family member it was not so funny but gawd some one has a panty fetish over there. Ummm how I can I book a room in my 'twilight' years LOL
  5. by   night owl
    Call the "pantie police", they'll know what to do!
  6. by   morte
    i certainly wouldnt be making it a practce to pay for them....all sorts of things would start "going missing"....is there proof that they were actually in the facility? is it possible that, as suggested above, they are being thrown out, either by staff or patient herself......and the lost and found in the laundry? good luck
  7. by   Luv2BAnurse
    I'm just wondering, since they came from a specialty shop, if they were the kind with built in incontinence padding. That could definitely explain the cost. But, what to do about them being missing...are they missing before the family takes the laundry home, or is it noticed AFTER the clothes have been laundered that, hey, Mom's panties are gone? Number them, then hunt by number I guess.

    Her skirts are missing too? That's a bigger story.
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  8. by   Morning-glory
    We have a few hoarders that will collect anything that they can get their hands on. We will go in and clean out the stuff every shift, but we also have a few confused people who will dump their stuff in the really dirty garbage (incontience pads and the like). We try to keep it under control with some success. But the families do get really annoyed when shoes or favorite blankets go missing. I tell the families on admission that everything will be labelled, but to expect that some things will go missing from time to time. We also promise to do our best to locate the missing items. That is the best we can do under the circumstances. This way the families will tell us if something is missing without it sounding like an accusation (for the most part). Good luck, it is a pain to deal with when you need to care for so many people and ou have one family member on at you about Jo's missing socks for an hour at a time.
  9. by   SK-222
    Quote from indigo girl
    Little old ladies have been known to hide their soiled undies in the trash and even flush them because they are embarrassed about incontinence. Could this be the problem?
    While this thread overall made me giggle, I think this above scenario indigo girl posted would be the most likely?
  10. by   indigo girl
    Doesn't explain the missing skirts, though. Maybe in another resident's closet?
  11. by   lizzyberry
    The nurse accidently thought they were a sheet.
  12. by   squeakykitty
    They could be in her roomates drawer. The laundry dpt. where I worked would get the residents clothes mixed up all the time. Also, we had a resident who would "rummage" in other peoples drawers and run off with stuff.
  13. by   confused101
    Panty raid is so funny. I had a pt. that stated she lost her glasses. She was transfered from ICU when I got her many days after. I had the security guards come up to get a statement. She couldn't remember what they looked like or when the last time she "saw" them. Makes it interesting sometimes! I hope you get the problem resolved with "The case of the lost panties!"