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  1. Morning-glory

    Code Status of a Conserved Patient

    Doctors are usually very hesitant to write DNR orders. I have had huge battles on this issue with the doctors and the Public Guardian and Trustee of the residents. What it comes down to, is that the PG&T will not authorize a DNR ever. The doct...
  2. Morning-glory

    I'm Sorry, But I'm Thankful

    Patient survived this time. There will be other attempts and other patients, but this was a first for me. I've had patients die on me in many ways, not all of them expected, but this was my first hanging. It was awful. Angelfire, I hope you are fe...
  3. Morning-glory

    I'm Sorry, But I'm Thankful

    Angelfire, First a hug. A few days ago, I saw my first real suicide attempt by hanging. I have seen some other pretty horrific things in my 12 years as a nurse, but never this. I am having trouble shaking it. Patient had had a couple attempts in t...
  4. Morning-glory

    Bleak Week

    ChuckE, the first Christmas would have been awful. Except maybe for the angels singing. That would have been cool. To all of you, a big hug and thank you all. Today was a better day and has given me hope that all is not quite as bad as it seemed l...
  5. Morning-glory

    Bleak Week

    Had a good night's sleep and I am feeling better. Thanks everyone.
  6. Morning-glory

    Bleak Week

    Thanks Tampa, Appreciate the good wishes.
  7. Morning-glory

    Bleak Week

    For the first time in a long time, I'm not liking the run up to Christmas. I work psych and a patient attempted suicide the other day. Pt will be OK but I'm still carrying it around. Wasn't my pt, but I responded to the Code Blue. On top of that,...
  8. Morning-glory

    What's the deal? Looking for others opinions

    10 years ago, I graduated in the middle of a massive restructuring. Nobody wanted to hire new grads and even the old nurses where having trouble. I found a part-time job and within a year. the pendulum started to swing the other way. I have been f...
  9. Morning-glory

    Getting a lisence in another state/province

    In Canada, (except Quebec) you only write the test once. You still have to apply to each province for your licence however. I live and graduated in Ontario but I did go out to British Columbia for a while. It took about 6 months to get my licence ...
  10. Morning-glory

    Did I keep my composure...too well?

    Charging him with sexual assault will keep you out of his room. Even if it doesn't go anywhere, you cannot be assigned to a patient that has been charged by you. So if the hospital won't accommodate, this might be the way to go. It might even get ...
  11. Morning-glory

    Help with Elopement

    Time to have a heart to heart with PT. This situation is only going to get worse as you can imagine. If his wife wants him home and can provide the necessary supports, why not see if PT can be done in outpatient? I'm sure that you have already trie...
  12. Morning-glory


    I have had that discussion at work as well. It makes no sense to have it that way. Even in outpatient clinics, this would just make things more complicated than it needs to be. It was on some OTC med bottles as well. Thankfully, the doctors I wor...
  13. Morning-glory

    Skills that we thought we would never get

    Roser, I did step on a foley hose in my first year of nursing. It came out with the bulb intact while transfering a patient from his bed to a chair. It came out and the patient had to stay in hospital for another 3 days. I, too, now look where my...
  14. Morning-glory

    Does make you a better nurse?

    Allnurses has walked me through some tough patches. Moving from acute care to psych was a real eye opener and a bit traumatic. It took me a while to understand the culture and Allnurses helped provide me with an outside opinion as to what was going...
  15. Morning-glory

    Skills that we thought we would never get

    But the funny thing is that I still remember how I felt when he yelled at me to go away and that I could come back in a couple of minutes. We got along great afterwards, but I will always knock before entering.:tbsk: