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  1. Luv2BAnurse

    You want us to do what?!?

    Sounds like a very caring, giving man.
  2. Luv2BAnurse

    You want us to do what?!?

    That actually made me laugh!
  3. Luv2BAnurse

    How can I get hospital experience as an RN?

    Are there any agencies nearby that may hire for temporary hospital positions? That could possibly help not only get experience in the hospital setting, but also "get your foot in the door".
  4. Luv2BAnurse

    Kicked out of class for a "HIPAA" violation?

    Yes, we all agree that 30 units of Insulin and 3 units is a huge difference. There are 3 checks to giving medication which it seems OP did not have time to do prior to the RN letting her know about the discrepancy. OP has stated that she would have done the other checks and (HOPEFULLY!!!!) caught her own mistake. Now, I'd like to ask OP this. How do you think the patient would have felt had you gone to the room to give that insulin and you did a final "check" there and realized the dose was incorrect? At the very least, and I do mean ​very least How much trust would that patient have with you from that point on?
  5. Luv2BAnurse

    Corrective Action or Bullying???

    I have been in this dept for less than a year. Almost from the beginning, I have felt that I was not a good fit for the department. I love the nursing, but I am not a good fit. company policy requires specific 'time served' in a position before you can transfer (unless the management allows it). My unit management does not allow it. I don't see how it could hurt to ask for a transfer regardless of time in the position. I would work up the ladder- start with unit manager and go to HR. Continue to work on time management as well as looking up medications, policies and procedures that you are not familiar with. Be confident, but of course ask questions. Document everything! I would go so far as to keep a personal journal to include a summary of my day, what I worked to improve myself and any questions I asked as well as any feedback I was given. If you are lucky enough to receive a transfer, continue to document. Hopefully a new unit would be all you need. It may not "fix" the problem however. Good Luck!
  6. Luv2BAnurse

    Dealing with "haters"...

    "When everyone is laughing and smiling, it never fails, she either fights with her parents, complains incessantly about her husband and mother in law, and makes snide remarks to her mother and my other aunt, and she's flat out cruel to my sister, constantly judging her and putting her down, so I stay away." There you go. She seems to just be pure nasty, and doesn't even like herself. That's sad, really. I don't know her and I pity her. As far as YOU go, YOU will be just fine!
  7. Luv2BAnurse

    Dealing with "haters"...

    .....just maybe that was her way of warning you that nursing school is not easy..... Not the best choice of words in that case, but just maybe that's what she was trying to do?
  8. Luv2BAnurse

    Urine laundry

    Ammonia works pretty well getting rid of odors.
  9. Luv2BAnurse

    How Many Licenses do you Have?

    I live in and benefit from a compact state license. I hold a license in all other states due to my job requirements. The company pays for all my licenses except for my home state license.
  10. Luv2BAnurse

    I ignored my instincts...

    Nurseonamotorcycle, I'm with you on this! Social situations...eek! I would have wondered why in the world they had me play if I wasn't on the roster? I would have had no problem just being a spectator and cheering on the team. I believe I would have asked about that! Anyway, it's done. Stick with your instincts
  11. Luv2BAnurse

    Did anyone tell you, you couldn't do it?

    I was my own worst enemy/critic. I had so much support from everyone. However, I was absolutely terrified of failing, of not only letting myself down, but more so of letting them down. I had to constantly remind myself to not be negative when others were being so positive around me! I think it makes a big difference when there is positive energy around!
  12. Luv2BAnurse

    Unhygienic practices?

    I would have thought it was some sort of test. "Is she going to do this? Or not?" I would not have done it because I would not be the one to use the syringes, and I would have said that. Hopefully, by NOT doing it, I would have been offered the job!
  13. Luv2BAnurse

    malpractice insurance?

    I have mine bundled with my homeowners insurance
  14. Luv2BAnurse

    I have a quick question; I just can't figure it out.

    L shape. I saw that question in some type of continuing ed online class I took. I don't recall the title of the class, but yes, it was patient interview.
  15. Luv2BAnurse

    Different Types Of Coworkers

    The Purposely Inefficient to Get Overtime Ha! there used to be quite a few of those! Someone finally caught on and nixed that!
  16. Luv2BAnurse

    What career did you have before nursing?

    I went to nursing school right out of high school but quit one year into the 3 year diploma program. I got married and had children then became a teacher's assistant with NC Public Schools. After a few years of being talked down to by one specific teacher I decided to go back to nursing school. I liked being in the public schools, but I love nursing!