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  1. nrsbetrn

    Falls interventions

    Please share the VA website. Thank You
  2. nrsbetrn

    Bathing without a Battle

    How are you implementing the CMS recommendation of Bathing Without A Battle steps in LTC facilities?
  3. nrsbetrn

    Urinating in heat/air unit

    Any suggestions on how to stop a resident with advanced dementia from urinating in the heat/air vent in his room. He is ambulatory and wanders, resides in a memory care unit. Staff offers toileting assist, but he still owes in the vent at times.
  4. nrsbetrn

    Fentanyl patch

    What is your policy or protocol for making sure Fentanyl patches stay on the resident? Do your nurses check every shift and sign off that the patch is still on the resident? Do you cover with a cosmopore dressing? What have you found that works? We have drug tested randomly when a patch is missing. We have found patches in dirty linen and in the shower stalls after showers. What works?
  5. nrsbetrn

    ABN liability notice

    If a resident has skilled days left and decides to go home before therapy's date would you issue an ABN?
  6. nrsbetrn

    ABN liability notice

    Thank you. If a resident chooses to go home and not complete therapy would you issue an ABN?
  7. nrsbetrn

    ABN liability notice

    If a resident discharges and goes home after therapy received under Medicare Part A and has skilled days left, should an ABN be given?
  8. nrsbetrn


    Need some marketing ideas to increase LTC census. Please share any ideas you might have used. Thanks
  9. nrsbetrn

    white board

    Do any of you use a white board for communication with staff about resident care such as labs, infections, change in condition, etc? If you do, will you share how you use it please. Who changes the info, how is it set up, etc?
  10. nrsbetrn

    MDS Charting Emphasis for Staff

    I would like a copy too. nrsbetrn@yahoo.com Thanks
  11. nrsbetrn

    skilled charting

    Our nurses are not good at charting on skilled therapy residents. They think only therapy should deal with this part but it all ties in together on the residents recovery. I would like to have some cheat sheets for areas for nursing documentation. It is how we get paid in the end! They just don't get it! Does anyone have good cheat sheets for what needs to be covered in documentation pertaining to specific skills that you would share?
  12. nrsbetrn

    skilled charting

    For Medicare Skilled residents charting does your facility chart every shift or daily charting? The requirements say the resident must need a "daily" nurisng assessment or therapy 5xweek. So are we required to chart every shift?
  13. nrsbetrn

    chart review

    I would also like to have a copy of your form. Thanks for sharing
  14. nrsbetrn

    need idea for program name

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a name for a program to promote employee morale and cost cutting suggestions. We have the program details but need a name. We want to use something other than "bright ideas". Any ideas are appreciated.
  15. nrsbetrn

    peds falls

    Thanks for the info. I have an assessment for adults but need one for peds. Thanks for looking and let me know if you find something.