need idea for program name


Does anyone have a suggestion for a name for a program to promote employee morale and cost cutting suggestions. We have the program details but need a name. We want to use something other than "bright ideas". Any ideas are appreciated.


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Can those two things actually be packaged together?!? Tell me some more about the program so I have more to go on. How do these things sound?

Empowerment Express

Suggestion Service (or service suggestion)

These are the only ones I can think of at the moment. In my experience, however, slogans tend to backfire especially if they are part of a quality improvement project.


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Maybe you shouldn't try to embellish the program name, just use Suggestion Program or Incentive Award Program. People will participate if they see that it is to their advantage, i.e. monetary awards.


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Let your staff come up with the name.

Make a game of it.

Make a suggestion box and set a deadline and then pick 5 of the best and allow them to do an elimination game Mon-Fri.

For example

1.) Bright Ideas

2.) Enlightment Express

3.) Rave Reviews

4.) Staff Suggestions

5.) Todays Thoughts

Monday let them vote one "off the island"

Tuesday let them vote 4 to stay "on the island"

Be creative in the game.....

in the end on Friday they will have their title and you will have a win/win situation as you have taught them all week awareness of the program.

They will have "bought in" and will be ready to put it in action!

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