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  1. Staffing Shortages

    How are your facilities addressing this? Especially with the aides as they can now go out of healthcare and get compatible wages. We have tried the generous bonuses, stipends etc. Even the dreaded mandating which only makes it worse. Now Administrat...
  2. Any ID/DD Nurses in Maine>

    Anyone practicing or looking to get into this specialty?
  3. Excellent career for someone looking for slower pace and the ability to be able to spend time with your residents. Have 2 FT positions with excellent benefits.
  4. Really?!? That's what you think is important?

  5. Really?!? That's what you think is important?

    You can see how they created their own demise. Yes, I bet they have no idea how much Prevnar 13 is or you wouldn't be doing it! No consents for flu shots! OMG! Enjoy your interim position...I was going to do that for a while for the very same reason ...
  6. Reportable?

    Abuse is "willful intent". I suspect the Nurse didn't have enough education to rationalize he/she was performing an intervention that could result in the wound becoming worse and getting infected. If you asked the Nurse this I am sure he/she would sa...
  7. Good manners

    Are you still at that job that you took around October? The one that smelled and you were trying to decide whether to give them 4 weeks notice?
  8. Good manners

    Actually going through the same thing myself. I love doing DNS, love seeing a team change and build together, happy residents and great QM's, but I have to admit sometimes I think its time to go into consulting or working for the state.
  9. Travel time

    Some of us live 2 miles from work and some of us live more than 50 miles from work. I just took a job that is 60 miles from my house because everything else about the job was perfect. How far do you travel?
  10. Travel

    How many miles do you travel a day?
  11. Office Tele Triage

    Are there Travel Nurse opportunities for these positions?
  12. Best Recruitment Strategy Thread

    Exactly ponymom.....maybe I just live in an area where there isn't enough Nurses....all of our facilities in my area use staffing agencies to stay staffed, compensation and benefits is pretty equal....moral...well you hear the stories of each place b...
  13. Best Recruitment Strategy Thread

    Well said Mean Mary Jane...that is the goal (or should be) of every facility!
  14. Work-conflict help!

    Don't document what she does. Tell her you cannot ethically do her documentation for her. Write down the date, time and incident and give a copy to your DNS. The next time she does this write down the date, time and incident and give a copy to the DN...
  15. Best Recruitment Strategy Thread

    As we are all so aware how very difficult if can be to recruit staff let's start a thread of ideas used. I sure could use some new ones! Thank you everyone