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How much does any LPN who works in upstate New York make an hour working in a nursing home passing meds?... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    Alright! I'm on my way to Pennsylvania!
  2. by   Paprikat
    Kay, I am just going to pack my bags and head to the states. I make 22.58 (Canadian, so that's like what 3.00 US???)
  3. by   SaraRNin2003
    I am a new LPN (3 weeks) in a LTC facility and I started at 14.75 an hour here in Illinois.

  4. by   txsugar
    Yeah baby I am on my way to Vegas!!!
    in LTC start between $12 and $14 for day shift base pay in San Antonio, Texas. Differential for evenings and nights.
    Hospitals, between $10 and $12 for day shift base pay plus differentials for evenings and nights. Some offer additional differents for weekends.
    Best pay? Agency. Work for one where the base bay day shift is $19 and increase $1 for evenings and $2 for nights. Weekends $20, $21, $22. Other hospitals signed with this agency pay as much as $27/hour for LVN's. Great pay but unreliable hours. Best for extra money in addition to your full time job.
    Cost of living is decent.

    Hmm....I was looking for a reason to move to Vegas. Honey, pack up the dogs and hitch up the truck, we are out of here!!!
  5. by   cargal
    Originally posted by Julielpn
    Alright! I'm on my way to Pennsylvania!

    MMMM, this may be agency? Or the Philly area? Nurses in Western Pa, LPNs are around $14.50/hr, 22.50 agency. Rn's are around $17.70 to start. I make $20.00 with no benefits as an RN, one of the few places that does this. No Holiday time and half or VTO. Thinking about going agency,
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  6. by   duckie
    Originally posted by Rileycat
    It disgusts me how unappreciated the nursing profession is in some areas. Some of you that have posted are receiving great wages for an LPN, but the rest of you are getting the shaft. I can't believe some of you don't get paid more for the hard work that you do. I can really understand why people change careers or relocate.

    I work as a CNA in IL. The average starting salary is 8-9 dollars/hr. I work in a higher paying hospital and my base rate is $12.75/hr plus 10% afternoon differential and 15% midnight differential. Full benefits are given to those who work 20 hrs or more and anything over 8 hrs is time and a half (even without a 40 hr wk).

    I'm not sure what LPNs in IL make, but the average starting salary is 17-20 dollars per hour for a RN (this is for a new grad).

    The one place not to work is Indiana. A RN there only starts at $15/hr and CNAs only make around $7/hr. I don't know how much the LPNs make.

    I work in Indiana and I just got a raise that bumped me to over $18.00 an hour. I have 21 years experience and I do make more than the newer RN's but our CNA's are started at $9.50 per hour. Guess it depends where you work in Indiana, what your pay scale is.
  7. by   stykerforce
    I am a CNA student in Dover, DE, right after I plan to work for the local hospital and get them to pay for my other nursing degrees (and they will with no questions asked ). In DE CNA's make btwn 9-12 per hour and LPN's make btwn 18-26 per hour. RN's make insane amounts of money here! Especially if you work at the state hospital in Smyrna, DE or down at Beebe Medical in Lewes near the beaches.
  8. by   SilentfadesRPA
    A friend of mine is considering moving to NYC. He has about 12 years exp. in ER and LTC. I dont think in the city they have LPN in the ER here but do not know for sure. What is the going rate here if anyone knows?

  9. by   yvonnemuse
    LPNs in the Upstate NY area make $10- $17/hour dependant upon experience and facility and your bargaining skills. When I passed my RN NCLEX earlier this year I was making $14.94 + charge pay+ shift differential which landed me in the $19 range.Now that I have the RN my base is $18.10 in the ED which rather sucks.
  10. by   NorthernRose
    I work in a county run LTC in UPstate NY. Been an LPN on the floor for a year, (I was a CNA for the previous 13 years at the same facility) am currently making 15.23$ an hour plus 40cents/hr differential. 5.00$ each day of a weekendor holiday. OT is time and a half for any thing over 8 hour shift, or 80 hours for 2 week pay period. Sometimes, its about other benefits not just the hourly pay rate. New hires get 8 hrs/mo sick time, 8 hrs/mo. vacation time, 8 hrs for each holiday (12 a year), 24 hrs/yr personal time it increases to 10 hours after 5 years. I curently get 12 hrs/mo vacation. Next year I will get 16 hrs/mo vacation for over 15 years service. Many of the other medical facilites pay much less. If I had gone to one of the local hospitals I would have made less as an LPN than as a CNA. I usually have 40 residents to pass meds, do treatments, etc. each night. Also get 250$ a year clothing allowance. For the most part, I work with a great unch of ppl, there are a few sour apples, but thats everywhere.
  11. by   jodyangel
    Whoaa!! Being from south jersey I can't imagine working for some of the rates posted in this post. I'm an LPN with 32 yrs of experience..(but most places do Not pay for experience), and work for a local nursing home and make $25.00/hr. passing meds and managing care for 30 pts. I'm pool, but the staff rate would be $21.00/hr. Last job paid me $18/hr and the local hospital paid me $19/hr. I'm in school for my RN, so I don't know what they make. I guess NJ is above the national average!!!
  12. by   Gabie Baby
    Quote from Jo_deye_yuh
    On your way through South Dakota...keep going, don't exit off the Interstate! I am an LPN of 2 years, working for an Orthopedic Surgeon, as his clinic nurse and scrub in and assist him in surgery such as; Totat Joint Replacements, ORIF/CRIF, amputations, Carpal Tunnel Releases, etc. I earn $10.91/hr no benefits (after raise). I have also worked in a LTC and made about $1.50 less. New grad LPN's make approx $9.30/hr. Options of change are extremely limited in this rural western part of South Dakota. The cost of living does not reflect upon the wage either. Average mid-west cost of living on peanuts for pay. I want to get my ASN but when other RN's with 20+ yr experience make $13/hr and fresh RN grads are starting out at $12/hr...where is the reward in going back to school and adding another school loan to my list of bills? This is a great place to raise my son, and my husband has a secure good job, that he would not want to leave. So my options stagnate.
    You are seriously underpaid. Not sure why your cheapskate boss is insulting you like that but you should seriously consider getting out. Unless you love your job, with a capital "L", and don't really need the money anyway.
  13. by   HisTreasure
    I'm in upstate NY. I was offered ~$14.00 as a new grad, but I know some places start LPNs as low as $12.50. A year later I am getting offers in the $16.50-$17 range for staff LPN in LTC, $18-$20 for per diem. Agency pays even better, about $21-24 an hour, and those who do private duty (especially Medicaid providers) make $22.50-$27.25 an hour. This isn't the best pay in the world, but it is substantially greater than I am seeing in this thread.