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SilentfadesRPA has 14 years experience and specializes in ER/ MEDICAL ICU / CCU/OB-GYN /CORRECTION.

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  1. SilentfadesRPA

    DNR Grey Areas

    Fantastic job with both the patient and a ego maniacal narcissistic resident. Only wish you the best in holding up your sense of self and develop a true feeling of pride. I wish I worked with you. Marc
  2. SilentfadesRPA

    Question: infant vomiting

    get on the phone and call 911 your clearly over your head
  3. could you imagine a physician doing this to another MD who cursed? And they wonder about why there is problems in nursing.
  4. can you imagine if physicians did this kind of petty behaviors - maybe we should take along look and learn from them about professional relations
  5. SilentfadesRPA

    Student nurse gets the boot...veteran nurse fired

    I dont see why your so dismayed it was a violation and totally inappropriate as well as needing severe repercussions for such a vile and thoughtless act on the parts of the guilty.... think think think
  6. SilentfadesRPA

    Ethical WWYD

    "I could tell, the only one that disagreed with what was going on" check out the possibility of transfer otherwise resign-I am all for change but this sounds not a good situation to be in.
  7. SilentfadesRPA

    Please Help...should I self report?

    I have nothing more to add except to tell you that your in my thoughts. Marc
  8. SilentfadesRPA

    No Narc count????

    If this is the standard of practice at this place I would quit immediately your professional career is in danger.
  9. SilentfadesRPA

    TSA asks a 95 y/o women to remove brief

    TSA has denied that this occurred. http://www.cnn.com/2011/TRAVEL/06/27/florida.tsa.incident/index.html?hpt=hp_t2
  10. SilentfadesRPA

    Is it just nurses or........

    " I still believe that nursing should go to a Bachelors Degree as entry into practice, LPN/LVN, should go to an Associates Degree, and Nurses Aides/Assistants program should be a year. Physical Therapy ASSISTANTS, have a two year Associates Degree as entry into practice. A RECREATIONAL THERAPIST, has a four year Bachelors Degree as entry into practice. Increasing the educational requirements would drastically reduce the number of applicants to nursing programs. They should also do away with the popular, second degree nursing programs. There are no "second degree" medical schools for physicians assistants, dentists, or lawyers. These programs are adding to the glut of nurses in the community fighting for jobs. The mission of the PTB, has for year, been to keep nurses, "barefoot and pregnant" (sorry guys!). In other words, they have worked to keep nurses powerless, and until recently, it has worked. Right to work states, and anti union states in the south and mid west, are seeing nurses unionizing and winning big contracts with worker protections. They are losing their control and their cash cows. We need to counter this, by making reducing the number of nurses entering the profession, and by increasing unions in hospitals. No other profession needs unions the way nurses do. There is strength in numbers. PTs, OTs. SLP, Pharmacists, keep their number down by increasing their educational levels. Spare me the anti union,"I can speak for myself, I don't need a union to negotiate for me, I don't like unions, they are un professional" blah ,blah blah! There is nothing professional about being overworked underpaid, treated like crap, and have no job protection at all. If that were the case then nursing would be in a lot better shape than it is now. Not unionzing is the worst thing that has happened to nurses. There is strenght in numbers- you don't have that by yourself. Teachers all have at least a Bachelors degree as entry into practice, and most if not all earn gradute degrees after they enter the professsion. Most nurses have barely an Associates Degree. Teachers are almost univerally unionized! Who is non professional now? Folks, call the NNOC, and get the ball rolling. I just got the magazine from the CNA, and the NNOC just won big contracts in some very anti union states. Lindarn, RN, BSN ,CCRN " BRILLIANT
  11. SilentfadesRPA

    What do you think of this?

    I agree that it is not a HIPAA violation but surely is a gross error in providing adequate analgesia. I sure would be making a complaint with the state professional medical disciplinary board without a second thought, as well as having legal counsel writing a letter and recouping the fee you paid. You deserves better care than what neglectful abuse was rendered.
  12. SilentfadesRPA

    didn't call doc for something significant

    Maya Angelou Wrote "At the time, I did what I knew to do, and when I knew better, I did better." Learn well from this, go easy on yourself, and let it go. Marc :)
  13. SilentfadesRPA

    "The police are on the phone for you"

    You sure can though I would not .... dont want those men in suits and sunglasses showing up LOL But here are the phone numbers White House Phone Numbers Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 FAX: 202-456-2461 TTY/TDD Comments: 202-456-6213 Visitors Office: 202-456-2121 They don't give out the "red phone number" thankfully
  14. SilentfadesRPA

    Nurse manager write up, the SEQUEL

    Thankfully you had a union
  15. SilentfadesRPA

    "Code Gray Certification"

    Interpretation of color codes varies from one hospital to another - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hospital_emergency_codes Hope this helps
  16. SilentfadesRPA

    Sobriety and nursing school interviews

    As scary as facing new situations you are not alone - very proud of you and seeing the miracle of recovery and the promises of sobriety occur before our very eyes - doing things that no man thought would be possible - even with the mullet gone LOL Please keep us informed what happens. Marc