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I have an almost three year old. I also have a one bedroom apartment (so she sleeps with me). Now she has had her own room before and she was on a bedtime schedule before, but ever since we sleep... Read More

  1. by   smk1
    Quote from kiyasmom
    My girls (ages 2 and 1) go to bed at 8PM every night, despite the season. :hatparty: My two year old likes to try to stay awake as long as she can, because if it's my husband's turn to check on them and she is still awake he will take her out of the bed and let her watch tv. 9 times out of ten, however, she doesn't make it past 8:30. My seven month old son follows shortly thereafter, around 9.

    With children that close together, I need some semblence of order.
    no kidding! i do notice that sionce i started school last fall i am not as stringent on the 8:30 pm bedtime the way i used to be. Since i am not home all day with her everyday anymore i let her stay up a bit longer, (as long as she is behaving..) she still takes a 1-2 hour nap midday though, that is my time to regroup!
  2. by   Berta
    My girls are 9 & 4. Their bedtime is directly related to the time I have to leave the house the next morning. Generally, they are in bed by 7:30pm and awake by 6am. Weekends and holidays, I let them stay up later.

    We follow a bedtime routine. We have bedtime snack at 6:30pm, then a shower or bath, followed by a bedtime story. My oldest will usually ready to herself after her shower till bedtime. She doesn't want me reading her a bedtime story anymore. Sometimes, she will read a story to her younger sister. Lights out at 7:30.
  3. by   lizmatt
    We a routine that works for us for now - probably not the ideal, but it works. At 8 oclock we wash up and put our jammies on then they get to watch the only tv they watch. They watch Blues Clues, then Dora then they know it is time to go to sleep. I rarely have any problems, but if they are not ready to settle down by the time I put Dora on, they do not get to watch Dora ( this has only happened twice) Anyway this works for us (I have 3.5 year old twins) and they get enough sleep. I am just thankful for Tivo and our new episodes of dora and Blue's every evening.
  4. by   Altra
    My daughter is 10. Bedtime is no later than 9:15pm on school nights and around 10:00 on weekends and during the summer. Sometimes it's later than 10:00, but I'm trying to be lenient on nights when I can be, because my summer school schedule means she's still going to bed at 9:30 to get up early enough in the morning to leave the house for the babysitter's when my husband leaves for work at 8:00am. (I'm already out the door by then on class days, and on clinical days I leave the house at 6:15am).

    That reminds me -- it's shower time! :chuckle
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    When my older kids were in elementary school, bedtime was 8 p.m. Rituals are a must. Shower/bath, brush teeth, read stories. NO TV IN BEDROOMS! I did have a cassette recorder with "Adventures in Odyssey" tapes. The boys (who shared a room) could listen to one tape after prayers. They were usually asleep by 8:30 p.m. My daughter was a toddler then and went to bed at the same time. Loved books and it was a great way for all of us to wind down. I would take the boys and my husband would take our daughter and then trade off . . . lots of reading. Funny now to be starting all that over again.

    My toddler now goes to bed with Daddy, usually by 8:30 p.m. Bath, brush teeth, read story and lights out. He falls asleep pretty fast.

    It used to be that I could never go to bed until I knew all my kids were asleep. Now that my oldest is home from college (he is 21) and my second oldest is also home for the summer (he is 19) and my daughter will be 15 next month, there is no way to get them in bed by 8 p.m. But funny, it worked for a long, long time . . even into high school. Habits can be a good thing.

  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Agree with 8 PM beedtime for less than 8yo. My HS sons NEEDED to be in bed by 9PM , falling asleep by 9:30PM through age 16.
    Jr and Sr years they stayed up till 10PM--when up later, had trouble getting up by 6:30AM for 6:50AM bus. Oldest tried "everyone stays up till 12M-1AM" whine.
    When he couldn't get out to bus two days in a row after staying up till 11PM, had to RUN to school--I refussed to drive and went back to 10PM lights out.
  7. by   GPatty
    The 15 y/o tries to stay up much later than he should by sneaking back upstairs to watch TV after mom and dad have went to bed. Much difficulty getting up for school. The 11,9 and 7 y/o go to bed by 8p school nights and by 10p in the summer.
  8. by   lifeisbeautiful
    Hmmm, lets see. I go to bed whenever I want..I am CF:hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:
  9. by   RNNoMore
    Our daughters are 8 and almost 14....the 8-year old goes to bed at 8.30, but she has to have someone put her to bed & kiss her goodnight, she won't go on her own yet. Still, she's not too much trouble, and if she can't sleep I let her read in bed for a bit - as long as she stays there and doesn't come down.

    The almost-14 year old is a BIG problem though. I get up early in the morning and am horrible if I don't get my 8 hours sleep, so I head off to bed at around 9.30 pm. Of course, that's much too early (in her opinion) for eldest daughter.....now, by that time of night I am too exhausted to fight and just want to sleep, so (shame on me) I've started to just leave her downstairs and go to bed before her. Unfortunately, that means that she often doesn't actually go to bed much before midnight....and then she's crabby in the morning. Even if I do manage to get her into her bedroom, she will end up reading into the early hours. I seem to remember being just the same when I was a teenager though - she just sleeps until midday at the weekends to make up for it LOL!

  10. by   P_RN
    Let's see....my daughter goes to bed about midnight. My son gets home at 7 PM so he goes to bed about 1 AM or whenever his wife tells him too.
  11. by   Achoo!
    I have a 4 and 6 year old, and they are in bed by 8-8:30.