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  1. lizmatt

    LPN Student with offer to work as a PRn in Ohio

    I don't think it says anywhere in the post that she wants to work as an LPN PRN. I think it might be PRN as a tech or student nurse - but the original post is not super clear as the position is stated as "a PRN" rather than describing the type of schedule offered. So to the OP - what is the position you are talking about? We'll be glad to help if this is clarified.
  2. lizmatt

    Moving on to another program

    How far were you in the program? If you have at least 50 percent of clinical done and live in a state that accepts it you could try excelsior. I failed in my last semester of bsn program this past may, started excelsior and am now done 4 out of 8 of the nursing exams. It is not easy but is a definite choice for people in our shoes.
  3. So I finally enrolled and want to take a few of the practice exams before I start studying just to get an idea of where I am before I start studying for the exam. So, with the practice exams at what point are you comfortable taking the exam? I mean are the grades the same? For example, I just took the transitions practice exam and got a 83% is that consistent with a "B" grade? Basically I am just curious if the actual exams are graded differently? Thanks
  4. lizmatt

    Missed my clinical day

    My problem in the morning is realizing why it is so important to wake up - so I make a personal recording on my cell phone alarm (in addition to an extra loud alarm clock). I usually name my clinical instructor by name and say something like "Professor ____ is going to be so mad if you are late... You need to get up now. You cannot be late for clinical". So in addition to being woken up, my sleep self realizes that it is important to get up. worked for me.
  5. lizmatt

    Completely online ASN degree that I found.,

    I doubt any state will allow students to sit for Nclex without a clinical component. The wording on the website is fishy too. I just did a live chat session asking about clinical portion the answer I got was very short - like "yes there is" and the guy disconnected then.
  6. lizmatt

    Funding for EC

    If you have not enrolled yet, come july there will be package pricing for enrollment, practice exams, nursing exams, fcca, graduation fee for 1550 for the first year - and it can be split into as many as 12 monthly payments. If it takes longer than a year there are other fees, but it really depends on where you are with your exams. If you have already enrolled - perhaps your employer can assist you - I have read on here a few people who are going this route. I am paying for mine via student loans - Ok - I know you can't get student loans for this program, but I am also currently working on getting my MBA, and since I knew I never would get Excelsior done otherwise I took a little more out than I needed to help pay for Excelsior.
  7. I know this has been asked before - but I spoke with someone at EC today about getting credit for nursing courses. The process: the syllabus must be submitted from the course at least 80% of the content must match the content of the EC exam A grade of B or better must have been earned in the course So, my courses were WAY different as far as content is concerned from any one excelsior exam so I won't be able to do it but I thought Id pass this info along and maybe someone could benefit from it. The woman working on my application called me because she was not sure why I did not get a degree from my institution - as I have completed all of the requirements for my BSN - had to point out the C-. But at least I know my application is being processed and in a couple of weeks I should be able to enroll.
  8. https://www.excelsior.edu/Excelsior_College/Financial_Aid_and_Costs/Fees_and_Tuition/Associate_Degree_Nursing_Fee_Options/Associate_Degree_Nursing_Fee_Option_Year_Two this page explains what happens for year 2 Basically if at the end of year one: you still have nursing exams - then you can opt out of the package plan and pay enrollment fee OR continue in the package plan year two and pay the 1,440 if you have only gen ed's - you pay 40$ per month until you are done with them, then nothing while you wait for CPNE. This is how I read the info at least.
  9. Thank you so much for posting the link - I still have a little trouble navigating the EC site. OMG - this is like the best thing ever - you can even do a payment plan & retake exams if necessary (hopefully not - just saying though) & all of the practice tests
  10. What about practice tests? Can more than 4 be included? Even 4 is a great deal - just curious.
  11. lizmatt

    Which publishing company?

    Thank you for all your replies - I think I just got nervous, because I have a lot going on right now and am afraid of failing - but we keep forging ahead if that happens. I think I will look and see what is available on ebay for each particular exam - I think I will also try one of the istudysmart online modules - I just wish I could know if they would benefit me for sure, because they have the club for under 700$ per year and you can access up to 14 ( I only need 6 or 7) I just want to take all of the exams ASAP before I forget everything that I worked so hard to learn in nursing school. I plan on taking the rest of the exams, one every other week between July and September.
  12. lizmatt

    Which publishing company?

    Ok, so I know plenty of people have passed and did well without using any of the publishing company materials. I think I might want to use one because I think I may need some extra direction - and I always am more successful when I have a focused, organized way of manipulating the material. I have only taken health safety and honestly I did not end up studying for it and got a B, but I know the other exams are going to be more challenging for me. So if someone who has experience with the publishing companies wouldn't mind giving me some recommendations that would be wonderful. I have visited the websites and they do not provide as much information as I would like. This is what I think I need: A workbook format (can be paper - but computer based is even better) that goes through the material where I have to find the answers in the textbook or other sources. A very organized approach to the material - I tend not to be very organized and need help in that area. I also am easily distracted, so really need the info to be broken up nicely. Also, it needs to be something where I can pick it up and do an hour here and there and go right back to where I left off. I also, would like some sort of tracking tool so I can see where I am - like a visual chart of what I have accomplished and how much more I have to study to go through all of the material. I know I am kind of specific and guides that would work best for me may not exist, but maybe someone here may have some experience with some of these materials. Thanks for your help Amanda
  13. lizmatt

    Question about school supplies

    As far as the stethoscope is concerned it really depends on the person. I am unable to hear well with some of the cheaper ones. I first had a Littmann Classic II SE - that I really liked, but during clinical it did grow legs. I then bought the 40$ Littmann Lightweight and that was fine for me, I was still able to hear fine. When I am finally done with school - I will probably get another Classic, but for students and the possibility of it disappearing, I would recommend the Lightweight. But only you can decide what will work best for you.
  14. lizmatt


    So, how long did it take for you to get it and did it come in the mail or was available first on the website? I am getting really antsy and I want to move forward. They got my transcripts on the 18th of May, but they say it should take 6 weeks. I have already taken health safety and I just want to enroll so I can finish. Ok enough about me - congrats to you on getting started.
  15. lizmatt


    Also, I think it is important to mention all of the paperwork or "preplanning" that can sometimes add stress to nursing students. I think that was one of the most difficult things for me as far as clinicals are concerned. Not the difficulty of work, but the volume and the relatively short time to complete it, leading to decreased sleep prior to clinical.
  16. lizmatt

    Some Excelsior questions

    Thank you for your help! I will get started on the first one.