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Excelsior - getting credit for nursing courses


I know this has been asked before - but I spoke with someone at EC today about getting credit for nursing courses.

The process:

the syllabus must be submitted from the course

at least 80% of the content must match the content of the EC exam

A grade of B or better must have been earned in the course

So, my courses were WAY different as far as content is concerned from any one Excelsior exam so I won't be able to do it but I thought Id pass this info along and maybe someone could benefit from it.

The woman working on my application called me because she was not sure why I did not get a degree from my institution - as I have completed all of the requirements for my BSN - had to point out the C-.

But at least I know my application is being processed and in a couple of weeks I should be able to enroll.

Personally I don't think EC intends to grant credit to anyone for previous nursing courses as a matter of policy, unwritten or not. I have been in the program on two different occasions, and they made me repeat their exams the second time. For what reason? Same material, same type of questions. Not a lot of elapsed time. I see it as a way to collect as much in fees as possible during a student's enrollment.

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They actually did grant me credit for a health assessment class, but it was taken at grad level, I made an A, and the instructor wrote me a letter of reference telling them I was competent to practice at the ARNP level for health assessment.

So I didn't leave them much choice. :)

Get used to the fact that you may have to retake some things, but it'll be easier, right?

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