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Achoo! is a LPN and specializes in Urgent Care.

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  1. Achoo!

    I want to know about medical assisting field

    Here in WI MA's are utilized in clinics. The duties can include all of the front office work, but they are usually utilized in the back office. Duties include patient check in with vital signs, assisting the doctor with exams, minor procedures, blood draws, EKG's, calling patients test results, calling in prescriptions etc. Basically they can be the clinical assistant for the doctor. MA's are usually trained in 3 areas- administrative, clinical, and lab so they are quite flexible in the clinic. Mind you this is a state certification not a license, so the scope of practice varies from state to state.
  2. Achoo!

    z track injections

    Vistaril is cery caustic to the tissues, so I always Z track when giving Demerol./Vistaril injections.
  3. Achoo!

    What exactly does a Resource Nurse Do?

    Our resource nurses work day or PM shifts. They only take a pt load if someone is sick or we get alot of admissions. They take off orders, assist with the codes in ER, assist where needed, take an admission if it is busy, do rounds with the MD's, and just an all around helper. They only call MD's for basic stuff if they have not particularly assessed that pt. Not sure how it works elsewhere.
  4. Achoo!

    Vitamin K - IV route & clarifications

    I have given it IV piggyback, but never push. Definately document everything.
  5. Achoo!

    On-Line Classes through WI Tech Schools

    I took Pharmacology and Maternal/child through MATC, and management through Western tech college. If you are a visual learner, I'd recommend taking the Health Alterations in class. The lectures and slides made all the difference for me. The others I had no problem taking online. Good luck!
  6. Achoo!

    Wound/Lymphedema Nurses

    I am thinking of applying for a position at a new Wound/ Lymphedema clinic that was just built. I only have med/surg experience. Could someone explain all of the duties and skills involved in this type of job? It sounds very interesting. Thanks in advance!
  7. Achoo!

    My first Code Blue!

    They decided to let him go once he got to the other hospital. I coudln't imagine a good qulaity of life the way he was when he left. I'm sure iot was for the best. It was a great learning experience though and we know that we did all we could.
  8. Achoo!

    Need information on Meditech???

    Meditech is a computer software program used by hospitals. I do not know if there is anything online avaiable for teaching purposes. I was taught on the job during my first week of orientation.
  9. Achoo!

    My first Code Blue!

    One person on my floor ( Med surg) is the " code nurse" for the shift. That means if we get a code, we go down and supposedly our job is to stand back and be the messenger between what is going on in the trauma room with the family, since they have ER and ICU nurses down there who have had ACLS training. Well I got called down to a code blue. It was someone found naked in their car, homeless, diabetic, no heartbeat. They are doing CPR as I get down there and it's an emotional shock to see someone on the brink of death. Anyways, there was no family there and it was chaos trying to get all the medications in, intubate, get an IV line in- they had to put a intraosseous line in. So everyone is getting tired, and they say " you want to take over compressions?" Umm, no! LOL but I did. I have never done CPR on a real person before. So after about 20 minutes of doing everything, the doctor is about to call time of death, pupils fixed and dilated, still no heartbeat. I am now standing at his feet and we can see aortic pulsations. So we say " do you see that?" Doc looks, listens again for a heartbeat, there is none but he has a faint femoral pulse. Ok start CPR again! Push meds- dopamine, norepi, insulin, bicarb, calcium etc! Now people have left thinking he was already dead so I am in the thick of it again. The respiratory therapist had to leave and help someone else so I was bagging for an hour- mind you I am supposed to only be the messenger! This code lasted 3 1/2 hours! Finally got a central line in, and then an arterial line. By the time we finished he had a very weak femoral pulse but he had a pulse. Due to the storms flight for life was grounded so they took him by ambulance to the larger hospital. Turns out he was acidotic from high sugars and who knows what else happened. K+ 8.4. Ph 6.5. I have no idea if he'll pull through, but man my first code was a doozy! I dont know if I want to work in the ER!
  10. Achoo!

    Learning IVs

    I work med/surg and we always have opportunities. Direct admits need 1st lines, but there are also patients whose lines go bad, or it has been 4 days and they need a fresh one.
  11. Achoo!


    I have been on my own for 3 weeks now on med surg. Here we call it the " trenches". It's alot. Alot of patients, alot of new orders, alot of tests, labs, surgeries, hanging blood, and most people have many health problems, nit just what they are in for- just alot. Everyone is in for something different. My hospital aims for a 5 to 1 ratio, but I had 6 with an admission my last shift and no LPN to help pass meds. It's extremely busy but I do have to agree that I am learning tons. I do however doubt that I will stray in med/surg, just not my niche.
  12. Achoo!

    How do I Find a Job in a Doctor's Office?

    Check out the employee opportunities listed with your local hospital websites. Most of them are affiliated.
  13. Achoo!

    Shifts at your hospital? (all 7-7)

    Day 6:30-3:30 PM 2:30-11:30 Nights 11:30-7:30
  14. 1/21/08 Med/surg/peds and still feel I don't know much! LOL
  15. Achoo!

    Most Common IV Push Meds on Med-Surg

    Lasix, morphine, narcan, phenergan, benadryl. Those are the biggies.
  16. Achoo!

    what time do you give meds....

    We have an hour window between when the drug is ordered. We can give an hour before or an hour after.