What kind of computer do you have?

  1. PC or Macintosh? Desktop, laptop, PDA?

    I'm getting a computer soon - just wondering what everyone liked and preferred as a nursing student.

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  3. by   krissypoo
    i have 2....one desktop mac and a laptop dell......DO NOT BUY A MAC......i love mine but i have had so many problems with it!!! Plus mac does not have windows- which you need if you take online classes. i actually bought my dell for this reason. i am not sure where you live but unless you have a mac store- like comp usa, you will have a ton of trouble finding mac software. Bestbuy doesn't even carry it yet!!!!!!!! bye a dell laptop, i love dell, they have super awes deals right now. i also say go laptop if you can afford it. i have a 6 mos old so i have a hard time studying at home- this way i pack up my books and my computer and head to the coffee shop------convience, you can't put a price on it!!!!!! good luck!!!!!- krissy
  4. by   manna
    I have a desktop - piece of crap HP, a laptop - semi-decent Compaq, AND a PDA - Tungsten E.

    The laptop is up for sale, and I'd like to get a newer desktop. Love the PDA. Starting nursing school this summer......
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    The POS 5000 that i've had for years and a Gateway that i lucked out on at a thrift store. They wanted 100, they got 75, this computer is 3 years old, 56k modem, sound card, etc. The printer was 5 bucks at a yard sale, HP LaserJet4L.
  6. by   Dixen81
    Dell desktop with wireless keyboard and mouse. Love it!
  7. by   Achoo!
    Compaq POS. My E drive just took a crap too... * sigh*
  8. by   manna
    I meant to add - sometimes you can get discounts through manufacturers (like Dell) when you're a student, so you may want to check on that once you start shopping for one!

    Also, PC vs. Mac - Many schools now have "computer initiatives" requiring students to have a certain grade computer, so I'd check with yours before I made a major purchase, just to be sure!

    The only reason I could think of to get a Mac is if you plan on doing a lot of editing/graphics/publishing type work.
  9. by   jemommyRN
    i have a Dell desktop. i love it and I got a great deal on it too, with a rebate and I had no problem getting the rebate back in a week or two. I'm contemplating on getting a laptop also, but I really don't think that I can afford it with school starting in August.
  10. by   Carolanne
    Dell desktop for me too, also love it! After the rebate, it's a darn good deal.
  11. by   jenrninmi
    Quote from Annabelle57
    PC or Macintosh? Desktop, laptop, PDA?

    I'm getting a computer soon - just wondering what everyone liked and preferred as a nursing student.

    We have three:

    Two PC Desktops and one laptop
  12. by   shyne
    Dell desktop
  13. by   smileystudent
    Compaq desktop. which keeps crashing but that maybe a virus or worm problem. good luck to you cuz i seem to have a love hate relationship w/ my puter. love it when its working for me. Hate it when it wants to be stubbern SOB. It seems to act up right before a paper is due. Fortunately I save ALL homework on floppies. Also check to see how much your ink cartridges are before you settle on the printer. Some are expensive and run out quickly. Hope you get a good computer.
  14. by   RedSox33RN
    Dell Desktop and another dinosaur Gateway in my daughter's room. I'm thinking of investing in a PDA and laptop (both Dell) for nursing school. If I order soon, I can order through my school's website and get a 10% student discount.