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Ok, just curious what classes that you have been required to take that just make you ask WHY? I am taking American Government right now and I am so bored. And if I get one more person ask me why I... Read More

  1. by   delirium
    Honestly I don't think I've ever taken a useless class. There's always value in education.

    Ok the trends class I just finished was useless, and the instructor is a total and complete waste of carbon.

    My favorite class was philosophy & the law. It was awesome, I had a great professor, and he thought I was the cat's pajamas. He really encouraged me to drop nursing and pursue a career in writing, creative or otherwise.

    Actually, my communications instructor encouraged me to do that, too. She said one of my essays made her cry.

  2. by   vaughanmk
    I had 2 useless classes. The first one was Socialization into Nursing. We spent most of the time doing Tai-Chi instead of content. The other was a school wide senior seminar. It was a full day of various lectures from national census and how it affected your career to a person living with AIDS who knew nothing about her disease and refused treatment. She was an idiot, representing the HIV/AIDS community as uneducated and and daring (she continued to have children and breastfeed) despite doctor recommendations.
  3. by   New CCU RN
    hmm....most useless........probably gee this is a tough one.... i have a few to chose from.... hehe.... probably my religion 101 class..what a waste of time....
  4. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by mjlrn97
    I ended up getting an A, even after refusing to attend class for the last 4 weeks out of protest. I did it with a killer term paper
    arguing FOR the Church and the positive things it has given civilization (thank God this was a number of years ago, before the pedophile-priest scandals broke). So it was with some satisfaction that I learned that the course had undergone some retooling, including a change in instructors, after that particular term. Of course, I'm not so conceited as to think *I* had anything to do with that........
    That just completely rocks. Good for you.
  5. by   colleen10
    First time 'round college I had to take "Be A Master Student" which was required of all freshman. It was such a waste. Supposed to teach you learning and studying techniques, time management, etc. "Yeah, tell me how to better manage my beer pong time please." At least it was only one credit.

    Since I have returend the only useless class I have has so far has been Microbiology. And it's not the subject matter that is useless, more like the teacher just didn't teach anything. The class was 1 night a week from 5:30 to 10:00. We never stayed later than 6:30. Open book tests, etc. All you had to do to pass was give the college the money for the credits.
  6. by   nursing 101
    A totally useless class to me is chemistry... I swear I'm just learning just to get the grade... I took general chem last semester and now I'm taking organic chem... Since I haven't started the nursing classes yet I don't actually know if it would be usefull in the future or not. I just hate it!
    Another one is that in catholic institutions you have to have 9 cr in Philosophy (no matter your major). 9 cr that's 3 classes of boring material that I won't even refer too the minute I get out of class...
  7. by   Angella Walker
    I have one for you all. I go to a Jesuit/Catholic Private university

    I have to take 9 credits of Theo and 9 credits of Phil (3 of which needs to be an ethics class). I understand the well rounded student thing but 18 credits my God!!!! Mind you 1 credit costs $570.... i will end up paying $10,260 for those classes!!!!!
  8. by   eltrip
    Despite the fact that my daughter's father thought that my English degree was totally worthless, I have yet to take a useless class. Even when I went back for my nursing degree. Everything has been of some use to me at some point either personally or professionally.
  9. by   natsfanrn
    Pop Music and American Culture. Took it some 20 years ago when I got my first degree -- totally useless, but a lot of fun and an easy A. Spent three hours a week listening to the Beatles, Stones, etc., and discussing what they lyrics really meant and their impact on America... Oh yeah, it was also held in a large lecture hall, and was one of the hardest classes to get into on campus!
  10. by   rn_n_02
    I agree with Stargazer...psych 101...and BTW, I had the same kind of instructor! Another useless class was Comp II. A whole semester of doing research papers and the final was one that had to be 15 pages long and 'just perfect'. Never was so glad when that Comp class was over!
  11. by   legsmalone
    English 305: Modes of writing.
    I have to have this upper division writing class before they let me graduate in June because, and I quote my professor "Most of you took your english classes a few years ago, and need this refresher to remember the basics of writing papers." Huh?? I have been writing term papers the entire nursing program, I don't need a refresher!!
  12. by   parker in arkie
    Art Appreciation..same boring slides..and the instructor is OBVIOUSLY NEVER prepared...5-15 minutes late for class each time and reads from the book...
  13. by   Gator,SN
    19th Century plays and the study of social and cultural beliefs of the time. I took it as an elective and it has not helped me in any area of my life, yet. Ibsen was a man ahead of his time though. I did enjoy "a doll's house".

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