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  1. New CCU RN

    Am I crazy to consider this?

    Thanks all for your posts. I have plenty of time to think about it, but it has just been on my mind alot. I know I have worked as a nurse for the last five years and I am very ready career wise to start a new challange. I have also been the type of person who can juggle many things at once - I've always been able to easily work lots of OT to bring in extra money and also manage to work out, keep the house clean, have a social life, etc. I usually run on 5-6 hrs sleep without any problems. (now that I am pregnant I do try to sleep at least 8 for the baby though) And I do think perhaps my goals may change some when the baby comes. But I also do believe that with a child, there is no better time, like a pp said. I think emotionally it will be hardest one ME when the baby is young and harder on the child as he/she ages. But I may be completely wrong with that. I'm not a parent yet. I also know that the baby will be in daycare less than most families where both partners work even with me working full time and going to school (thanks to nursing's flexible schedules). But I truly appreciate all of your input and advice, it is good to hear from those who have done it before.
  2. New CCU RN

    Did you work when going to nursing school?

    I did! I also ran D1 xc and track for four years which was a 25 hr a week minimum commitment. (But it was paying for my school, so I really had to). My first two years I did work study - about 15 hrs a week - at the gym. If it was slow I could also work out some. So I always scheduled my hours for slow times so I could either study or lift and use my time wisely. My last two years I did the work study - more like 10 hrs a week, worked one 8 hr shift a week a week at a coffee shop (5am-1pm), and worked one eight hour shift a week at a hospital 3p-11pm on Sundays. I have no idea no how I did it. I always made time to go out and have the college days fun and managed to graduate with a 3.5.
  3. New CCU RN

    Loan Amounts? .. .

    I went to a private university that cost over 25k per year. I did it b/c I was 18 when I was picking out colleges and was a little clueless. However, I got a lot of scholarships for grades and for athletics. I ran XC, and Track all four years. Between the two of those, 3/4 of my tuition/room and board was covered. After the help from my wonderful parents, I walked out with 10k in student loans. They have a 3.125% interest rate, so when I pay it off, I pay it off... no rush for me personally.
  4. New CCU RN

    Double Shifts: Your tips and tricks for getting through it

    I personally don't really do this all that often - maybe once a year. However my best advice is to stay hydrated. Try to avoid the urge to eat sweets or drink caffeine bc it will only make you crush soon after. I find doing an extra 8 hr shift as OT is much more manageable than staying for a 16.
  5. New CCU RN

    Am I crazy to consider this?

    DH and I are expecting our first baby this September!!! We are quite excited and cannot wait. Prior to finding out I was pregnant, I had planned on starting graduate school in the fall. However, now obviously I will be delaying this until the Spring. I was thinking about going to NP school part time (so six credit hours) and working 36 hours a week. Would this be totally crazy with a four month old?? We don't have family in town, but we do have an awesome day care center at my work - which I can also use while I am studying, taking classes, etc. I believe my schedule will look like this: Sat A Sunday off family day/study Monday A (baby will be in daycare every other week - hubby has every other Monday off) Tuesday A (baby will go to daycare) Wed off - study day - will go to the library from like 1p-6p (have baby go to daycare) - but we will have the morning together to do something fun :) Thursday off - mom/baby day and when hubby gets home at 5pm I can study also Friday - classes from about 10a-4p (baby will go to daycare) My husband is awesome about cleaning, cooking, etc and has already said he will take on all of those responsibilities while I am in school! And I have always been a quick learner and done well in school (although never had to go as a parent) What do you all think? Am I going to be taking on too much?
  6. New CCU RN

    Personality Type and Nursing

    ENTP! Am I the only one????
  7. New CCU RN

    ICU vs. L&D

    I've done both - ICU being where I started as a new grad. I really think that it takes someone with a great deal of desire to be an ICU nurse to suceed whether a new grad or an experienced nurse that is new to icu. You don't sound all that into the ICU. And that is fine. The biggest thing that stands out to me is that you are drawn to the ICU b/c of the long orientation... not because you like taking care of crashing patients, enjoy the total unknown of ICU, want to know everything inside and out about your patient's condition, or think you would enjoy a constant life and death battle. And to be honest - if that doesn't excite you - you probably won't like ICU. However - L&D from what you say seems to be a good fit..... go for it. L&D ought to also have a good, supportive orientation. 3 months is the typical average. For the most part that works perfectly for new grads and they go on to do very well. I say go with your gut. From what you write - you really don't seem all that into ICU. Go where you find energy, enjoy, and feel drawn towards. Only you know that answer.......
  8. New CCU RN

    Need info on Henrico Doctors Hospital...

    Have you looked at VCU?? I think new grads start around 20-21 but we have great shift difs and very supportive new grad programs. You do not want to drive two hours to DC
  9. Hey~ I'm a Richmonder.... and would just like to say that I feel VERY safe here! I moved to Richmond four years ago and love it. It has great culture, awesome shopping, lots to do -- free concerts, parks, the river, it is central to the mountains, beach, DC, everything.... The cost of living is quite reasonable (esp in relation to Cali). There are some parts of the actual city -- which please aren't nice But remember Richmond is the city, Henrico county and Chesterfield county... There is no reason why you'd ever even need to go in the pockets in the city that aren't nice. The safety issues 99% of the time are in those pockets. However, in the city --- the fan, carytown, and Shockoe Bottom are all perfectly safe. These are the only places that you'd ever want to go (shopping, restaurants, etc) As far as where to live --- it depends on what type of feel you want... Midlothian area, Bon Air, and out by Lucks Lane (all in Chesterfield) are nice areas -- in Henrico you'd want to be in "the West End" or Short Pump (the new area to be). If you want a city like feel the fan is very cute, nice, safe, etc. If you want a more rural feel -- Goochland is the place to go. Not too far from downtown but you can have your wide open spaces. I work at MCV -- now known as VCU Health Systems. It is the large, teaching facility. I have worked there since I came to Richmond. I disagree with the poster who says that the pay isn't that great -- -I know for a fact I make more here than coworkers of mine who have gone to the smaller community hospitals as hourly employees or whatever. MCV was recently named a Magnet Hospital, has great benefits, and also does a great job of letting nurses expand their horizons (6 credits per semester paid for school, etc) There are so many learning opportunities on campus. I can't speak for the other hospitals in the area but I know that safe ratios are a very important aspect for administration and it is quite rare (even with call ins, etc) that recommended ratios are not followed... ICU it is 1:2 unless the patient is a 1:1, our stepdowns are 1:3, our med surg floors are 1:4, L&D is 1:2... I don't know what type of hospital you are looking for -- community vs large teaching.... I have also heard good things about Bon Secours hospitals--- St Marys, St Francis... ST Fran is the new one in town -- absolutely beautiful but just opened in the last year so there are the typical just opened kinks. Please feel free to PM me with any questions... I'd be happy to answer any!!!
  10. New CCU RN

    Hospitals in VA, any experience?

    I'd highly recommend VCU Health Systems (was known for years as MCV). It has good nurse: patient ratios and in my opinion 95% management is great. I know four nurses off the top of my head who had been travelers for a while and decided to become staff. I have only witnessed travelers being treated very well. Most of them extend contracts. A pp mentioned it isn't in a great area. It is in a city. VCU has expanded a great deal --- which has really helped some of the troubled areas. And again I will just say - it is in a city. I have never had anything happened to me, my belongings, my car, etc. I don't know any coworkers who have either. I have worked odd hours - leaving at 1130p or 330a and never been threatened. It is a large teaching hospital -- I don't know where your background lies -- but I do know for some it is hard to transition from a private hospital to a teaching hospital. Because we do indigent care -- they will be sad cases. And while they are exapanding and renovating -- some of the units are not the most esthetically pleasing. However, there are few residents and attendings I don't enjoy working with. I've encountered very good team work. And those that may have an attitude usually learn very quickly they will need to change. I personally also love Richmond. You can live in a very suburban, almost rural area with trees and birds and pretty flowers and drive 10 minutes and be in the city. It is not an overwhelming city -- but there is plenty to do -- good night life, good restaurants, plenty of shopping. If you have any questions feel free to ask. -- I'd pm me though in case I miss you asking it on this thread. GL with your decision.
  11. New CCU RN

    Evidence Based Practice - please help

    HEHE... now now, let's not stir trouble... And in all honesty - I'm going to gasp... say something good about admin -- they are pretty good at adhering to recommended ratios.
  12. New CCU RN

    Evidence Based Practice - please help

    NO--- it can be CCU related... each unit is having a nurse represented... I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  13. New CCU RN

    Evidence Based Practice - please help

    Our hospital is starting an evidence based practice internship this summer. Essentially nurses from each area research EVP with regard to a specific area. They then based on the research present the data and hopefully are able to make a practice change. I've somehow been selected to represent my unit. I'm really excited about it but am having a really difficult time finding topics. Anyone know some hot research topics pertaining to CCU patients?? I feel like my hospital is really on top of things being a teaching facility and so I'm really having trouble thinking of things that aren't already being researched!! Thanks :)
  14. New CCU RN

    diluting I.V lasix

    I have never diluted. We push it 40mg/minute though - never heard of the 10mg/min - that would take 10 minutes to push 100 mg which we often give.
  15. New CCU RN

    Night shift nurses...How many hours of sleep do you get?

    Right now I sleep like a log from when I get home til 5pm - so usually 8-8:30 til 5p. I work 36 hours so three twelves. I am nervous about what will happen come July - we are having our first baby. So things should be interesting then. Luckily my husband has a flex schedule so most weeks he works 830a-530p four days a week. Usually he has fridays or mondays off. So we are going to try and work around that. We don't have any family in town & infant care is ridiculous - so we are going to try w/o a babysitter.
  16. New CCU RN

    Why a C-Section?

    We are in agreement that it needs to be collaborative. We are in agreement that physician convenience should not weigh into the decision making. We are in agreement that the woman needs to know the risks and benefits. Who gets to decide to have an elective c/s? To me it should be the person that elected to bring a child into this world. When it comes to insurance coverage, I think that it can be a slippery slope - having a baby after all is an elective procedure... In my opinion, health care insurance should cover health care. This really can open a can of worms - and I do believe everyone should recieve the same care regardless of financial abilities. However, here is a 28 year old lets say having her first baby. Has never had a medical problem in her life. She works, has health insurance from her work and her husband's work. Has paid boatloads more into the pot than it is going to cost for her c/s. Why should she have to pay above and beyond b/c she is having a c/s electively? The problem is our health care system, pharmaceutical companies, when we are talking about costs. I find it hard to believe that allowing elective c/s to be covered by insurance would drive up health care costs that much to actually cause it to negatively affect the everyday person. And I say this because there is a cause and effect - if there are more elective c/s there will be less incidents of complications due to labor. Of course more c/s means more incidences of the complications that can occur with a c/s - however, I would be interested in an the research with regard to when a surgical complication occurs how often the c/s was urgent or emergent. I'd bet it would be a lot higher with the rush quick quick get the baby out type scenario.