What classes are you taking Summer 2003 - page 4

what classes are you taking during the summer and what semester will it be for you? what pre-reqs do you have left to take? this summer will be my 3rd semester and i will be taking: (1)... Read More

  1. by   studentdeb
    Our summer courses range from 5 1/2 weeks to 8 weeks. I am taking A&P II and College Math during the summer, 8 weeks for both. I will be in class from 5:30 - 10:00 two nights a week for A&PII and the math is online.
  2. by   RodeoLP
    This summer will be my second semester and I will be taking Pharm2, Med/Surg, & M/S Skills
  3. by   camkib
    Intro to Sociology

    I'd considered taking others also, but narrowed it down to these two.
  4. by   Keely-FutureRN
    I'm trying to get my pre-req's done. Summer I'm taking 2 anthropology classes for my social science credit.

  5. by   Jenn CLPN
    Im still taking pre-reqs, it seems like theres soooo many.
    The summer sessions here, two, five week sessions and one ten week session. Im going to take psych and soc in the two five wk sessions and nutrition the ten week session...wish me luck
    Plus work 40 plus hours a week.
  6. by   nursemelanie
    Hello, Well this is my first post and I am a new student. Age 28, wife of eight years and mother of a 3 1/2 yr old boy and work 32 hr a week. I just registered at the community college. This summer I am starting my prereqs. Guidance class, Activites class and psychology. I am on the wait list for Speech and Sociology. I keep hearing how hard it is it actually get into the nursing program. I live in California, any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. by   shunda
    I am taking this summer:
    Bio 201-Anatomy and Physiology I

    Psy 210- Human Growth and Development

    Sph 106- Fundamentals of Oral Communication

    Mth 098- Elementary Algebra

    After these pre-requisites I will only have 3 left Bio 202, Bio 220, and Mth 100. I hoping to start the RN program Spring of 2004.
    Everyone Continue to hang in there because the best is yet to come.
  8. by   maire
    Nutrition, Jul - Aug (6-week class), and second semester of nursing starts in September, with OB and Peds being the highlights. Can't wait.
  9. by   GraceyB
    I am in the Prerequisites World right now. Chemistry and Math for Health Sciences.
  10. by   PJMommy
    Hi all,
    This is my first post other than my "intro" post up top. I'm in an accelerated BSN program so summer will be my second of three semesters. Summer session is an 18 week curriculum smashed into 14 weeks. I'll have care management classes, pharmacology, a health policy/mgmt class, a research class and several clinical rotations: peds, psych, high-risk OB, med/surg, & OR. Aaaaaahhhh!!

    I may just finally lose my mind this summer. My biggest problem will be fighting the desire to go play in the nice weather when I should be studying.
  11. by   nynurse2b
    Pharmocology.....at the end of June. It will be for 5 weeks till the end of July...Two weeks left till the end of Nur 1...and I can't wait...I am soooooooooooo super tired....but Wow..I have learned so much in just this one semester.
  12. by   RNsweetie
    We are taking
    self care and
    we start on Monday and go till July 25 th, that includes the month of july for clinical (i think we are doing community nursing then)
    can't wait for August!!!!! finally holidays
    Take care and good luck to you all.
  13. by   esrun-a
    Feelin' groovy!!!! I went to my advisement session today and made my summer and fall schedule!!! So stoked!!

    Summer- Woman's Studies

    Lovin' it!!!!