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  1. Keely-FutureRN

    Calling All CNA's!

    Hey! I'm Keely and I've been a CNA for about 3 years. I worked on a cardiac floor for a year and right now I'm working at a cancer specialty hospital. I just barely switched floors from surgical services to the inpatient fifth floor and I absolutely LOVE it! I am slowly going through pre-req's for nursing and hope to apply next fall. I am not sure what area I would like to go into but I'm thinking psych or cardiology (I am also a telemetry tech). It will be great to hear everyone's responses! I am so excited for this new forum. Keely
  2. Keely-FutureRN

    Care Plans

    Thunderwolf had some really great suggestions in the thread "Advice for any new Psych. RN's." I copied and pasted it here from the other thread... "I would recommend becoming more familiar with the psych terms used in psych assessment...as well as become more acquainted with how to perform a mental status exam. There is literature out there to help you. Go to the book store and buy a nursing psych book which should have most of this to get you started. A good psych drug book would be good if you do not have one. Mental assessment breakdown/reporting is similarly done as in nonpsych (systems approach). Affect, Mood, Attention, Concentration, Interaction, Interest, Eye Contact, Energy, Impulse Control, Thought Processes, Perception, Presence of Hallucinations/Distortions/Paranoia/Suicidal or Homicidal thoughts, plan, intent, Appearance, Sleep, Appetite, Problems with meds (side effects)...etc etc. Create your own report cheat sheet to help organize what you need to convey. Other info which is often relevant is: Admit status, If a Guardian is involved and who is it, Concerns regarding discharge, Specific monitoring and/or interventions for THAT patient, and Pertinent Labs. In report, most nurses only want to hear the abnormals, important mental status changes in condition, and response to recent treatment/intervention. Explore this with your peers. It does take a little organization on your part when you initially start. What most nurses do not wish to hear is a report that drones on and on and/or goes off in tangents. Like nonpsych nursing reports, make your psych reporting objective. It will help you stay focused and on track." I have also seen nursing care plans at barnes and noble and other book stores so check them out. Keely
  3. Keely-FutureRN

    Eating Disorders

    I am a member of SPEAK (Students Promoting Eating disorder Awareness and Knowledge) and can give you plenty of info, including a worldwide list of treatment centers, programs, etc. It's really long so just tell me what you need and in what area. Keely
  4. Keely-FutureRN

    10 things you say at work lay people could get arrested for

    It reminds me of a funny thing that happened the other day at work. I was assisting a pt. to the bathroom and her ENTIRE family was crammed into one of our pre-op rooms. As she got up she said "What if I moon people when I get up?" "Don't worry, I'll watch it." The whole family burst out laughing including the pt. I MEANT I'll watch the gown to make sure it's closed. :doh: Keely
  5. Keely-FutureRN

    nurse's day

    I didn't think of that. :) We had "nurses week" at the hospital I used to work at and had something small everyday, like pizza parties (scheduled one for day, eve, and night shift...yesss!), pens, pins, pencils, etc. a handwritten note (not just the generic "Thanks for your hard work...") Something that I really loved was that they took everyone's picture and made a huge poster with everyone's name and a little about them. It's a cheap way to notice people and add a little more personality to the unit. For christmas, the hospital had a list of small presents and we could pick one and it would be ordered for us. Maybe you could take all these idea's and have them decide what they want...I wouldn't want anymore mugs, pencils, nic nacs...but I do like sweet pea lotion! Keely
  6. Keely-FutureRN

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    My mom didn't do back to school until her late 30's. She was talking with someone and said" I can't go back to school because I'll be X years old when I graduate!!!" and he replied "Well, how old will you be in 4 years if you don't go back to school?" She went back and has a master's in social work. It's never too late and you can never be too old! Keely
  7. Keely-FutureRN

    do you feel like the CNA's run the floor?

    Amen! I absolutely HATE it when I have to work with other staff (both aides or nurses) who don't pull their fair share of the load. I also want to mention that I am the only aide on my SDS/PACU floor and especially in SDS, it gets crazy! Nurses are coming at me from all directions and sometimes I feel bad because I CAN'T get to everything ( go pull room 5's iv, 4 gurney's need to be cleaned, room 6 had an accident, room 8 wants me to order them a tray, room 12 wants to know how much longer until they go back to the or, room 10 needs vitals, room 7 needs to be wheeled downstairs, I need to draw up some more lidocaine, the fifth floor is calling and wants me to bring up the patients belongings, GI just called and they're bringing over another pt...) because there is too much to do!!! (Not that it's hard, just all at once it's overwhelming...) Sometimes it's just that we are understaffed, the or is running behind so pts. come out at the end all at once (), etc. There needs to be a better staffing ratio (as well as a kick in the rear for lazy aides/nurses) because even with everyone working their hardest, we can be run ragged. I also have a problem with nurses helping (just sometimes;) ) because if they help me too much I feel bad because I am thinking that they don't think I'm competent enough to care for the pt. and work with them. TEAMWORK is the answer as well as appropriate staffing! Keely
  8. Keely-FutureRN

    What do patients say that irks you?

    I have also read a book about the Hmong culture who take the placenta and bury it to free the spirit and protect the baby. Also, what is a love stitch? Keely
  9. :chair: What the.... Keely
  10. Keely-FutureRN

    i need help, seriously!

    Take a deep breath:icon_hug: I am a pre-nursing student and won't apply until this coming fall but I can understand your anxiety. You have to let it go. You're completed the classes, sent in your applications, and everything is set. There is nothing more you can do. Your right, who ever did write that quote obviously wasen't waiting for their letter!!!! There is nothing more you can do but wait. BUT! There are things that can decrease your anxiety, mind you they are just little things but they can help! Take a bath Go running, swimming, play basketball go for a walk/ hike see a movie read a book ( I wouldn't recommend more anatomy/physiology books but something relaxing or maybe a classic (unless you find anatomy relaxing:D )) I take meds. which really help. If this is an ongoing problem I think talking to your doctor is a great idea. Make sure to take care of yourself and don't overwhelm and beat yourself up over **things that MIGHT happen**. You are "crossing bridges before you come to them." Don't worry, were here for you and I'm sure many people on this forum will reply with the exact same feelings you have. Keely
  11. Keely-FutureRN

    Maybe nursing isn't for me

    Just an update... I am outlining all the chapters (which especially helped with the nervous system) and I also picked up a flyer for some text anxiety presentation at the Student Resource Center. Okay, I think I'm getting back on track... Keely
  12. Keely-FutureRN

    Where is everyone from?

    I am 21 from SLC, Utah. I attend the Uinversity of Utah and work full time as a cna working to apply for the RN program this coming fall. Yikes! Keely
  13. Keely-FutureRN

    Maybe nursing isn't for me

    :icon_hug: Thank you all sooo much for your support and advice. I am going to stop beating myself up over it. I checked out the websites and I'm just going to push it behind me and focus on the material and reducing my anxiety for the next test. I love you guys (hug):icon_hug: Keely
  14. Keely-FutureRN

    Maybe nursing isn't for me

    We had our first anatomy test this past week and I studied like no other! I did outlines of the chapters, read extra books, google searches, flashcards, attended lecture/lab, copied others' notes, formed study partners...I was set! I woke up late but still made it to the test on time (phew!) The test was okay, nothing that I couldn't handle. I started getting really freaked out as I was taking it (i.e. "Oh my gosh! This question is worth 14 points so if I don't get this than the highest grade I can get is bla bla bla. These questions are so in depth! I'll never get an A....") and my mind started blanking and I couldn't remember the answers to even the simple questions. We had to compare and contrast the structure of the tunics between the espohagus and gut tube and it was torture! Then we had fill in the blank and I was freaking out because I knew exactly what they were talking about but I was looking at the clock and freaking out because I had so many questions and this test is such a huge portion of my grade (three tests and the final...) I thought I got maybe a B at the least....well, we got our test back and I got an F!!!!!!!!!! (66%) I was so sad. I went and cried alone for a bit after class and was thinking nursing wasen't for me (but I don't know what else I would choose because I have had my mind set on it for so long!) This class really scares me because many people have to retake it but I don't have the money to do this again and anatomy is the core of the nursing profession and if I don't know it...! I am really sad because I don't know if it was the anxiety or if I needed to review my flashcards more or what...I seriously studied my butt off and didn't leave anything to the last minute. Now I feel like a failure because I really tried and I did bad and now I'm assessing my capabilities to be a nurse or get into nursing school (If I can't do this anatomy class, how can I get to physiology or patho....) I just need some advice. Should I withdraw? I am taking ONLY anatomy this semester (I work FT) so there is no excuse for such a bad grade which makes me feel worse. Plus, I was planning on applying this coming fall so if I don't stay on track, it will screw up my schedule... I have an A in the lab portion, which is 30% of our total grade. Phew, okay I feel a little better after writing it all out. Any advice would be appreciated.:icon_hug: Keely
  15. Keely-FutureRN

    ~~~A&P 1 (winter/spring) Club~~~

    Does anyone know any good sites that explain the nervous system (not listed in this first post?) I'm going crazy! AHHHHHH! Thanks. Keely
  16. Keely-FutureRN

    ~~~A&P 1 (winter/spring) Club~~~

    I just took my first exam yesterday (epithelium, integument, arthrology, myology, cardiovascular, urinary, and digestive systems) AHHH! I studied soo hard and I think I might have gotten around a C or C-? I am taking ONLY anatomy this semester because its hard and it is common to take the class twice to get a good grade in this class so I feel kind of dumb because other students are taking full time loads and I'm just in awe of how they can do it! (I work full time so I usually take 2-3 classes at the most). Blaa...Well, thanks for letting me vent. :icon_hug: Keely