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  1. by   angel4gramma
    hello, Please tell me if this is right
    240 mls over 4 hrs. tubing has drop factor 10gtt/ml
    I get 10 gtt/min
  2. by   Daytonite
    Quote from aadsmom
    hello, please tell me if this is right
    240 mls over 4 hrs. tubing has drop factor 10gtt/ml
    i get 10 gtt/min
    yes, that is the correct answer.
  3. by   sarmike1
    You got it, 4 hours into 240ml=60ml/hr - so 10gtt drip set=1ml x 60 min = 60ml.

    Fun is it not?
  4. by   angel4gramma
    Thanks to all of you
  5. by   Deidra36
    You are a savior!!!!
  6. by   ethenmon rn
    Quote from Daytonite
    Yes, that is the correct answer.
    yes it s correct...
  7. by   kandi1223
    i am a nursing student in school and i wanna go back but if i do my biggest problem is passin statics any advice anyone can give me out there.
  8. by   Daytonite
    "the only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself."
    winston churchill

    "there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."

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  9. by   nurz2be
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAYTONITE, I can ALWAYS count on wise words from you! Not to mention some funny ones

    We learned dimensional analysis today in calc classes, all I can say is WOW what a difference that formula makes when looking at "complex" Med calcs.
  10. by   Deidra36
    The stats you'll be taking are for research purposes, you will NOT have any problems with stats!! Don't let that scare you, take it, and be glad you did...seriously, you WILL be fine!
  11. by   battletm
    thanks these sites made it easier for me to understand than the instructer
  12. by   omo25
    Hi all. I have a question regarding calculating caloric intake for infants. I tried using my Calculate with Confidence by Morris but no help. I will be seeing alot more of these problems in pedi but i still have a problem working them out. Please I would like some advice on how to work them, where to start, basically any advice in working them. also if you may know of a website were i can gain more practice in doing them. Thanks for your input on how to work these types of problems. I have placed an example of what i mean below.

    An infant has an IV of D10W running @15cc/hr. The child weighs 10lbs nd 12oz. The following feeding orders were written:
    Beginning@ 9am, give 18cc of Similac 24 q3 hrs x1, if tolerated, rduce IV to 10cc/hr & increase feeding to 30cc q3hrs x2, if tolerated, reduce the IV to 5cc/hr & increase formula to 45cc q3hrs x3, if tolerated, d/c the IV & advance formula to 60cc q3hrs.

    1. Based on body weight, what is the minimum number of calories required by the infant in a 24hr period?

    2. How many calories will the infant recieve in a 24hr period?

    3. What is the minimum amount of fluid required by the infant in a 24hr period?

    4. How many cc's of fluid will the infant recieve in a 24hr period?
  13. by   MollyMcButter
    this is all amazing. thank you all so much for all of this info!