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A member pm'd me the following question highlighted below. We created this thread for you guys to talk about math, solve math problems, and post math websites that you have found helpful.

I was wondering, is there a sticky or a special site that can be coordinated for "math sufferers". Perhaps, beginning calculations or shall i say the basics..simple to complex...step by step on how to calculate. I'm a visual learner, numbers and I don't work well. I am trying, but I've got a block!

Its a liquid, but I know how to do the problem. My question is does anyone know any websites that have practice problems like this....

Nope dont know any sites that would help with something like that.. but if you take 1/3 replace the 1 with 48oz and divide by 3 48/3 16oz x 30 =480ml

do you have any other math problems like this with the answers to see if what I said is correct

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Hey guys! Doing my own online research on Nursing Math and Phramacology I found this:


Check it out, I think it's a great tutorial resource.

Math terrifies me!!!! I know this link will help...Thank you!!!!!!! :bowingpur

I am definitely subscribing here. We have a calc exam we have to get 100% to go to clinicals. Thank you for posting this! I stink at math!

Bakersfield College. Yes, the TEAS was required. I have only been told about the Pharmacology dosage and calculations exam that we have to get 100% on before we can attend clinical. Other than that I have no idea what we will be faced with (I'm just starting my first semester in August).

tried getting to this site. said it doesn't exist?

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So glad I found this!!! Thank you all for posting those websites:) I'm sure I'll be needing them.. I start my Dosage Calc course on Monday and I'm so nervous [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]

Just got a 100% on my final dosage exam today :D we need a 90% to pass

Hey, has anyone taken a clinical computation exam recently? Could use some tips! 

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