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A member pm'd me the following question highlighted below. We created this thread for you guys to talk about math, solve math problems, and post math websites that you have found helpful.

I was wondering, is there a sticky or a special site that can be coordinated for "math sufferers". Perhaps, beginning calculations or shall i say the basics..simple to complex...step by step on how to calculate. I'm a visual learner, numbers and I don't work well. I am trying, but I've got a block!

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Hi I found the following site good for IV math problems.

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"do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. i can assure you mine are still greater."

albert einstein

general math help:

working with fractions:

algebra help:

for free unlimited practice problems in any of the math disciplines: - follow the directions to download the drivers you need to access the software and then choose a textbook of the type of math you want to work problems from

medication calculation help and practice problems you can work:

conversion charts:

dimensional analysis tutorials [keep in mind that dimensional analysis is usually done in chemistry and physics and nursing has only adapted it for use in medication calculation problems]:

statistics links can be found on post #46 of this thread.

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I found "Calculate with Confidence" by by Deborah Morris to be an excellent resourse. It walks through problem solving using all three methods (DA, ratio/proportion and formula). Makes it easy to figure out what works best for you.

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I need to be suscribed to this thread.

I have taken up through Calc II and I tutor math at a local high school, so feel free to PM me with questions.

you are not the only one!!!!:smilecoffeecup: i have the same problem. try

by the way, i love your icon with tweety! it is adorable!!!!!!

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I hope these resources will help. Math scares me silly and although I have not really hit IVs yet, I am concerned about them b/c I have found IV math to be confusing.

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i hope these resources will help. math scares me silly and although i have not really hit ivs yet, i am concerned about them b/c i have found iv math to be confusing.

you will find links to iv calculation websites as well as information about ivs on post #6 of this sticky thread:

wonderful sites! thanks

Hey Daytinite ! Thank you so much for taking the time to post your awesome threads. You are wonderful ! Love Cali too. I am jealous ! Thanks again !!

Hi there everyone ! Thanks Daytonite for taking the time to post all of your awesome sites ! I am mathamatically challeneged too. I love California. I am jealous !! Thanks again !

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