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A member pm'd me the following question highlighted below. We created this thread for you guys to talk about math, solve math problems, and post math websites that you have found helpful.

I was wondering, is there a sticky or a special site that can be coordinated for "math sufferers". Perhaps, beginning calculations or shall i say the basics..simple to complex...step by step on how to calculate. I'm a visual learner, numbers and I don't work well. I am trying, but I've got a block!

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general math help:

algebra help:

for free unlimited practice problems in any of the math disciplines: - follow the directions to download the drivers you need to access the software and then choose a textbook of the type of math you want to work problems from

medication calculation help and practice problems you can work:

conversion charts:

dimensional analysis tutorials [keep in mind that dimensional analysis is usually done in chemistry and physics and nursing has only adapted it for use in medication calculation problems]:

holy cow! thank you so much for this! i am taking algebra 2 this semester and i really needed some additional support !

i have been :yldhdbng: the last few weeks trying to get all these rules and theory's to make sense!

yeah!! thank you!


Ooooohhh, I love this page! Thanks to all for the tips!:yeah:

I can not believe what I was first thinking when I read that problem. Algebra was sooo many years ago. Just for laughs I'll tell you my first thought. Add them up and divide by 2 and get 5! LOL:uhoh3::bugeyes::lol2:

I am subscribing to this thread. GREAT stuff to work on over the summer! THANKS AGAIN for posting this! is the BEST!! I am SO GLAD I found this thread!!!!


hi everyone, newbie here. thank the nursing angels above for this thread. I go to Delaware community college and begin the nursing classes in aug but I am trying to test out of the "math for nurses" class. OMG! but I think I will be ok if I stick to this website and read all of these helpful threads :yeah:

I have read through these threads on the med math and can not believe that people have had a math for nursing class taught to them. I did not have a class like that (wished I did). I was in the clinical part with 3 mo. left of my LPN when I could not pass the med math test with a 90% or better and got kicked out. med math was not taught to us at all. Just amazing! wish the college I attended have a nurse math course! I had a 3.8 GPA at the time.

Can anyone tell me what is gonna be on hessi test.

this is great!!!

i have a math test in two weeks!!

thank you!!!

Wow!! It is so refreshing to see that other nursing students have Math issues. I swear, I feel like I am the only one experiencing difficulty.

Definitely Good To Know!!!!


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Okay I don't remember which forum I was in but read that a student was told they had to get all but two right on the test. If they missed more than two question (not sure how many total) they would get a phone call not to come back!:uhoh21: this the norm?? Did everyone else get the same response? I mean I TOTALLY understand that messing up calculations can be deadly to the patient but are we talking the basic math calculations or drug calculations? and how many questions??

I'm not starting school until next semester and I'm not terribly bad at math but when I'm in panick mode on a test I can sometimes blank out. I just want to be prepared...maybe I should start learning the math now before I start the class?? Any suggestions?

They do not like it when you are having a lot of trouble with med calcs if they think you have been taught well by them. But just remember DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS!!! IT WORKS GREAT. You can buy a med calc book and get a head start or possibly take a class for it before you start school. Don't sweat it you will be fine.


Dimensional analysis- UGH.

I can use it when we're converting units. But doing the other drug calculations? For some reason I just can't "get it". Maybe I'm just reading it wrong, and I need to spend some more time with it. Problem is, I've got a test on Monday and a skills practicum on Tuesday, so I just don't feel like taking time out from studying that stuff to study math. I've been using ratios to solve the problems, and they come out fine.

Our teacher told us this week that the school wants us to use dimensional analysis. For the test we have today, as long as we get the right answer she's ok with it. But- for our next class, she said we may have to use dimensional analysis whether we like it or not.

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