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  1. Just finished

    Just got done with my preceptor. Almost 2 months, supposed to of been 3 months long... l am on a medsurg floor, 3 pt per room... I feel it is a good start, I would of liked a ICU precept.. I am not the best new grad, not even by a long shot.. I...
  2. Pacific college Online BSN program

    The school classes are a breeze as long as you stick to the APA format and you cite all references. It is a small staff, so I encourage you to be diligent and stay on top of everything. If you do not understand something, e-mail your professors and o...
  3. Pacific college Online BSN program

    No APA software needed, they will give you "How to" links to YouTube videos. If you PM me a e-mail I will send you one of my papers with the APA format so you can get the idea. You will need word 2010 or better. If you buy new, then books will be $80...
  4. Pacific college Online BSN program

    The Pacific College RN-BSN program experience so far is enjoyable. You get two classes that are eight weeks long and then one week off before receiving your next two eight week classes. The typical work load (so far) for each class consist of 1 - 2 f...
  5. Pacific college Online BSN program

    I started 5 weeks ago for the RN-BSN. So far so good.... The score is now in the 60's from my above post. Almost twice as high as other online RN-BSN schools.
  6. CA RN license renewal

    My LIC has not expired, but I did renew it for the first time and they sent me a card with an expiration date that is 4 months after my current card... I too have been trying to call and emailing..
  7. California BRN

    I tried to renew my LIC (firt renewal), but they only renewed it for 4 months. I thought the renewals are for 2 years? They send you a card with no explanation. You can never get someone on the phone, it is always the same message that they are exper...
  8. non-clinical degree program

    I found a few online schools for RN to BSN. I'm just not sure what the online schools mean by a non-clinical degree program. I understand that you have to complete 90 hours of mentor-guided clinical experience, but what is the difference when you gra...
  9. Renew of cali lic

    Continuing education courses must have been completed during the preceding renewal period. Is this period with in the 3 months you have to send in your renewal ? Not really clear. Also, has anyone tried using or anything else for your 30...
  10. Looking for a RN to BSN

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a RN to BSN program. I know, I know ... lots on here. I'm looking for a program that I can get into with out having a job or prior job xp. I've seen most that require you to do x amount of hours for credit through yo...
  11. Pacific college Online BSN program

    I've looked all over and I can not find anything about how good or bad the RN to BSN program is. However, the school scores around a 36 out of 100 and it seems to get a ton of hate from students enrolled in different programs from Pacific College.
  12. Failed in Hurst Review

    only 2
  13. Failed in Hurst Review

    I did hurst and built upon it with other stuff. All the test on hurst I got 62 outta 125, 53 outta 125, and 96 outta 125. I still have 3 unfinished tests I have not done yet for the online hurst review. I got the good pop up 20 mim after my nclex rn...
  14. Whats best, nscbn or hurst review??

    I took my nclex 5/30 and got the good pop up, I did the hurst online review with the video lectures. I know its a ton of money, but it does help. Now to say it was enough, I'd have to say no.. you need to do at least 3000 Q and R
  15. Whats best, nscbn or hurst review??

    I bought the nscbn and found it to be to much info to study over all topics, it was like reading that big huge brick called med surg you had to carry around with you in RN school. But thats just me I guess, I got hold of the hurst review and found fa...