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Just got done with my preceptor. Almost 2 months, supposed to of been 3 months long... l am on a medsurg floor, 3 pt per room... I feel it is a good start, I would of liked a ICU precept.. 

I am not the best new grad, not even by a long shot.. I feel my biggest struggle right now is trying to understand the Dr when I have to call them to get orders for a new admit, because I'm the one who has to put the orders in. Most of the time all I hear is mumbling or they talk so fast and before I can say hold on they have went through most the orders... I have had to call back a few Dr already because I'm unsure if they said zosyn or rocephen or zofran..  

Right now that is my biggest anxiety when driving to work, having to call a Dr when it's hard to understand what they are saying, either from the accent or mumbling or both and talking to fast while having a accent 

Good times


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When taking a verbal order, especially over the phone, make sure you read back what you thought the provider ordered…. That way if you say “4mg zosyn” and they say “no, 4mg zofran” you know you’re putting in what the doctor wanted.



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YESSS, double and triple check that verbal order even if you/they have to spell it out. 

Not clarifying this would cause an error, and it will def fall on you.  Repeat please and thank you, (only then can you hang up).