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gere7404 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-B and specializes in Emergency Services, Cardiac Step-Down.

91W10 Health Care Specialist/11B20 Infantryman US Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, OHSU School of Nursing BSN Class of 2019

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  1. gere7404

    Racism in NYC

    There were some instances of WOW! that’s pretty racist, but it was lost in the majority of what felt like 29 pages of someone complaining about every aspect their job and blaming it on racism.
  2. It took four months for me to get on boarded as a unlicensed nursing assistant…. People with certifications and licenses can take several months longer because the VA is the VA
  3. gere7404

    Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    I had a five year old covid pt the last day I worked. She was fine except she was dehydrated. gave her a baby Bolus, a popsicle and some kids apap and went her home. that’s the first peds pt I’ve seen need any tx d/t covid. had an older dude ...
  4. The onboarding process takes forever. also, new grads in my area make way less at the VA than private health care systems. The step system at the VA is kind of wonky. If you start there it takes like six years to get to the pay grade you’d be if...
  5. gere7404

    How does your unit determine who floats?

    We don’t float out of the ER. floors keep track of the dates of when everyone floated last and float whoever has the longest time since they last floated. Certain nurses with long enough service time have it in their contract where they don...
  6. gere7404

    Covid-19 Bonus

    We got a $20/hr bonus to pick up extra shifts during covid surges but no lump bonus totally worth it, only caught two strains of covid and made tons of bank 🤑🤮
  7. gere7404

    Whats next after the pandemic?

    We’re always full, it’s how we stay in business. We were full before covid, we actually had a big hit on our census for a while because people were too scared to come to the hospital (even though we didn’t have any covid cases then), then covid came ...
  8. gere7404

    Compassionate Combat

    It’s almost like warfare is the worst thing that humanity does almost seems silly comparing the last year to that doesn’t it?
  9. gere7404

    Compassionate Combat

    I cope just fine, I just can’t stand the self aggrandizing of nurses making the comparison that covid is anything like combat. It’s not. Nothing I described were war crimes, they are just every day realities of being in an ACTUAL WAR. which is e...
  10. gere7404

    Compassionate Combat

    The 30 months I served in Iraq as an infantryman was nothing compared to what nurses went through the last year with Covid, in retrospect. I thought knowing how driving over the body parts of a crowd of more than 50 people killed by a suicide vest bo...
  11. gere7404

    Compassionate Combat

    Compassionate Combat? it’s insulting to actual combat veterans and the local nationals who suffered through living in an actual war zone to compare the last year to a war.
  12. gere7404

    Cardiology Nursing

    What kind of cardiology is it? A telemetry med/surg? A cardiac step down? A CVICU? if it’s med/surg you’ll see a lot of stable afib, chf, nstemi’s, post-cath, and post open heart surgery pts recovering for discharge, almost all will be on teleme...
  13. gere7404

    Your Help Needed: Give A Tip To A New Grad Nurse

    10. Don’t correct your preceptor and say, “well in nursing school, we learned it this way.....”
  14. gere7404

    Not Sure What Direction To Go From Here...

    Our gen med unit has the reputation of being one of the hardest units to work... maybe a different department might be a better fit? Infusion services and wound care also seems like pretty chill gigs.
  15. gere7404

    Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    They closed down an entire unit? Like, you guys have empty beds just sitting there?? So jealous. We had to put our ER on divert the last night I worked because we had so many boarders. We had like four open ER beds out of 40, the rest were fille...