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gere7404 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-B and specializes in Cardiac.

91W10 Health Care Specialist/11B20 Infantryman US Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, OHSU School of Nursing BSN Class of 2019

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  1. gere7404

    What to study before starting nursing school

    Taking a CNA class would put you leaps and bounds ahead during fundamentals
  2. gere7404

    CNA vs. NA

    I was grandfathered in -- VA required certification after 2015.
  3. gere7404

    While we were arguing; we disappeared

    We have big green RN badges for our nurses
  4. gere7404

    How Do You Fit In 30mins Of Exercise In Your Work Day?

    Like the above poster, I work with people who likely wouldn't be sick if they made better lifestyle choices.... but I try not to eat junk food in bed. I don't like being a do as I say not as I do kind of person, so I try to model healthy behaviors to my pt's. I put together a pretty extensive gym in my garage (squat rack, barbells, dumbells, GHD, rowing machine), but I DON'T get 30 minutes of exercise during my work day. I'm usually comatose after work my days on, but my days off I try to work out every other day. A coworker got me out to a rock climbing gym last night, was a pretty great full body workout and I'd be lying if I said my forearms and hands weren't killing me from gripping on to little plastic stones and something different then squats and deadlifts -- a lot of fun.
  5. gere7404

    I’m so over Nursing School

    Not sure of the pacing of your program, but the middle of the second year and beginning of my third year was difficult to stay motivated in my BSN program -- we had very little clinical time, most of the program was filled with lectures and research projects. Fortunately, getting to practice nursing hands on for the last two quarters of clinical reminded me why I pursued the profession.
  6. gere7404


    I became super jaded at the VA -- it looks like you work a similar kind of unit to what I was doing, but mine was more focused towards dual diagnosed mental health/substance use disorder. Very, very low success rate, with the same veterans (if you could call them that, the majority of our clients never finished a year in the military but would wear all kinds of veteran shirts/hats/tattoos) admitting over and over again after we'd kick them out for relapse and lazy, incompetent employees pretty much all around who were now in charge because they were all that's left. Good insurance and leave benefits, though.
  7. gere7404

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    don't really get to smell bacon working on a cardiac unit lol
  8. gere7404

    Feeling discouraged

    Not trying to be "that guy," but if you're struggling this much with the "intolerable" math pre-requisites for your LPN program, you might have a much greater problem when you start your actual nursing program. If you drop classes every time you disagree with an instructor, how are you expecting to react when you disagree with one of your clinical instructors? One of your patients? A lot of school, not just math, but especially nursing school, requires you to build on what they discuss outside of the classroom by doing the readings, the assignments, and engaging in purposeful active learning through outside sources like Khan Academy.
  9. gere7404

    Mon-Fri Rn Jobs no weekends or holidays

    Outpatient RN jobs at the VA work killer hours like you described.
  10. gere7404

    Serial Killers Who are Nurses!

    "Beverley Allitt was found rubbing feces on the wall during one of her nursing clinical rotations." lol, I can only imagine what it would have looked like if she posted here explaining how unfair it was for her to be kicked out of nursing school and asking for recommendations for how to get back in.
  11. gere7404

    Purewick Catheters- Risk for Infection?

    Pure wicks are a godsend when they work, just two things I've learned about them: Educate pt how they work before taking it out in front of them or else's you're liable to freak them out.... "that's going WHERE?" and use caution when using them with pts with altered LOC. Almost had a PT strangle herself with the tube. also, they can work on bigger guys with "inny" genitalia better than condom caths.
  12. gere7404


    Cool you guys got it. When I applied for it I was told there was no money for it. Kind of glad I didn't get it, though. Much happier at the hospital I'm at vs. working at the VA and if I remember right there was an obligation to work for the VA for a couple years to get VANEEP.
  13. gere7404

    What was your first job as a new graduate?

    Cardiac pcu
  14. gere7404

    Nursing Scrubs Policy Question

    Like, custom embroidery? I've seen people put their names, credentials and units on their scrubs or jackets (hospital sells unit specific scrub jackets with department on the arms, really popular among specialty units but for some reason I rarely see any for the gen med or post-surg floor....), but I don't think I've seen anything with custom inspirational quotes. Most designs I see are either floral patterns, sports regalia, or cartoon characters. I usually just wear gray scrub pants with one of the hospital t-shirts.
  15. gere7404

    Nursing Scrubs Policy Question

    At my hospital, floor nurses can wear whatever scrubs we want except for camo because "it could be triggering to veterans." We can wear t-shirts we get when the hospital gets awards or for special events like fund raisers. My unit also has its own t-shirt we can wear if you buy it. Procedural areas like OR, cath lab, and OB wear hospital provided blue scrubs.
  16. gere7404

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    Well, I know inserting dignishields is NOT my favorite task