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LB_RN2B has 11 years experience.

I am a new nursing student at Farleigh Dickinson University for Fall 2012 and have overall 11 years of experience in the medical field. i have finally been given the opportunity to fufill my dream of becoming an RN!!!! Good Luck to all who are trying to accomplish that same dream!! Keep your head up!!

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  1. LB_RN2B

    Worried to death about dosage cal!

    Okay...I suck in math too but this website DosageHelp.com - Helping Nursing Students Learn Dosage Calculations is awesome!!! I Hope this helps!!!!
  2. LB_RN2B

    My License Came Today!!!!

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! CONGRATS!!!!!!!:yelclap:
  3. LB_RN2B

    Counting down

    LOL LOL LOL!!!! I probably will feel the same after my first couple of weeks too ( I KNOW I WILL) BUT FOR NOW........STILL EXCITED!!! LOL
  4. LB_RN2B

    Financial aid & paying out of pocket

    Did you apply for the scholarship for disadvantaged nurses??? My school gave me an app! Also for next year (because the deadline has passed got to the HRSA website and sign up for a email reminder of the dates to apply for next year for their nursing scholarship! Johnson and Johnson have scholarships too but for most scholarships the deadlines have passed. I am in the same boat as you! I wpould ask the nursing dept at your school for any other scholarships available for nurses! Sorry! Hope this helped a little!! If I here of anything...I will keep you posted!
  5. LB_RN2B

    Counting down

    Everything I think about and talk about right now is NURSING SCHOOL..LOL I know my friends and family are sick of me too!!! The days are going by so slow!!! I never wanted summer to be over so fast!!!! CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!!
  6. LB_RN2B

    How far do you drive for nursing school?

    I have a about a 30 minute drive with traffic maybe 45 mins! I was complaining about this but after reading some of these post ...I GOT IT EASY!!!
  7. LB_RN2B

    Care Plan Hell

  8. LB_RN2B


    Ours are ok! We have white drawstring scrub pants (dickies) m royal blue polo tops with our schools patch!!
  9. LB_RN2B

    powerpoints to share?

    I know this is a long shot BUUUUUUUT....would you still happen to have any of you powerpoints??
  10. LB_RN2B

    Clinical Instructors; Drill Sergeants

    DON'T QUIT!!!!!!! YOU HAVE COME TO FAR TO QUIT NOW!! This may be her unconventional way of trying to "weed out the weak". Don't give her what she wants!! **** her off even more my succeeding in becoming a GREAT NURSE! Take what she has to teach you and move on BUT PLEASE DON'T QUIT! You owe this to yourself!!!!
  11. wow! This was deep! I can appreciate the honesty in this!!
  12. LB_RN2B

    Recommended Reference Books

    love this thread!!!
  13. LB_RN2B

    Head to Toe Assessment Guide

    DOWNLOADED AND SAVED!! I will def be carrying this in my clipboard for clinicals!!! Thank you so much
  14. LB_RN2B

    Head to Toe Assessment Guide

    Yes !! This will really help me out in my first nursing semester!!
  15. LB_RN2B

    Head to Toe Assessment Guide

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