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RainbowGirlNurse has 4 years experience and specializes in Public Health/Underserved Populations.

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  1. RainbowGirlNurse

    APHN Certification

    Has anyone taken the APHN Certification exam from the ANCC? If you did how did you study for it? Any tips? Thanks.
  2. RainbowGirlNurse

    Share Your "Brain" Sheet

    Here's mine. I am a new grad so I put a cheat sheet on the back. I also work nights so the times can be adjusted.
  3. RainbowGirlNurse

    How long until I stop feeling stupid?

    I am a new grad also. I have been a nurse for 6 months and I still feel stupid every time I work. I graduated top of my nursing class. Everyone tells me it takes at least a year before you begin to be comfortable being a nurse. I am older and have had previous jobs in different fields and this is the worst job I have ever had. I think I have made a huge mistake. It took me eight years of going to school to get my BSN.
  4. RainbowGirlNurse

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    The Pearson Vue trick works. I did it and passed and I put my friends info and she failed. Search under Pearson Vue trick in AllNursing and you can get a description and others results.
  5. RainbowGirlNurse

    Please share your experience(s) with CSU San Marcos Generic BSN program.

    The externship is paid (usually about $18 an hour). You have to go find your own job but it is great experience. Most people worked at TriCity or PPH. You go onto their website and apply just like any other job but you are also required to be enrolled in a class simultaneously. The new grad programs usually offer a preceptor which is like a mentor nurse. You work with her exclusively while you are honing your skills. It is a challenge to find the time to include the externship into your program but I think it is well worth it. It is usually one 12 hour day a week. You are required to pass the ATI predictor test. For our class it was a nightmare because we did not really have the ATI built into the classroom work because of being the first cohort but according to the instructors it is now a requirement in each of the nursing classes that you will take.
  6. RainbowGirlNurse

    Please share your experience(s) with CSU San Marcos Generic BSN program.

    I just graduated from the generic program at CSUSM as part of the first graduating class. There were some challenges as being part of the first class because some of the issues were worked out on our class. With that said I am also very proud of the school. I think that it provided an excellent education. If I were you I would go with the BSN over the ADN because I think that is the way the educational requirements are going to go. I think eventually all nurses will be required to have a BSN. It is true that you do get more hands on clinical experience at Palomar or one of the other ADN programs. But I think you learn much more about pathophysiology and leadership at at BSN program. When you start working you will get all the hands on experience you need or you can take advantage of an externship during your last two semesters. I did and it helped me immensely because you are working one on one with a nurse preceptor. It is also a BIG plus when you are trying to find a job.
  7. RainbowGirlNurse

    1st Semester of Nursing School questions???

    I am graduating in May from a BSN program and I spend at least 2 extra hours a day studying and I think almost all of the class does also. The thing that helped me the most was being in a study group. That interaction helped me to understand many of the more difficult concepts.
  8. RainbowGirlNurse

    Best NCLEX Review

    Hi Everyone, I am getting ready to graduate in May and our school uses the ATI modules for NCLEX reviewing before graduating. Could you let me know what you have used and what has been the most successful. My study group is thinking about buying the Kaplan system in order to supplement what we have. Could you give me your thoughts on that? Thanks.
  9. RainbowGirlNurse

    Atheists? How do you deal with religious people?

    First let me say that I am an agnostic. When someone asks me to pray for them or with them what I do is to concentrate on sending them healing and positive thoughts. This is my form of prayer. I do not consider it a lie that I am not praying to their God. I am performing good nursing when I am able to allow a patient to express their spiritual needs. I do not have to believe what the patient believes. I only have to respect their beliefs. I do not get into discussions with patients about religious beliefs, the hospital is not the time or place. Besides the chaplain can handle that. I just try to focus on the positive and let the patient say what they need to say.
  10. RainbowGirlNurse

    List your School Here if they do not Require the GRE's..

    California State University San Marcos is starting a MSN program in the August of 2009 that does not require the GRE.
  11. RainbowGirlNurse

    considering nursing school at 45 yo

    I will be graduating with a BSN in May and I will be 52 then. I love nursing school and can't wait to start my second career. And there is someone older than I am!
  12. RainbowGirlNurse

    Helpful Information for the Critical Care Units

    Thanks this is great!
  13. RainbowGirlNurse

    Helpful Information for the CCU and other Critical Care Units

    Thanks this is great!
  14. RainbowGirlNurse

    The Nursing Math Thread

    In my nursing school the first semester you have a math test which you have 3 chances to get 100% on. If you don't get a perfect score after the 3rd time you are kicked out. We also have a math test each semester after that which you must get 100% or you flunk the class.
  15. thanks for the info
  16. RainbowGirlNurse

    Shift Report Organization

    Thanks for the shift report forms. I found it very helpful.