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Hi Everyone,

I am getting ready to graduate in May and our school uses the ATI modules for NCLEX reviewing before graduating. Could you let me know what you have used and what has been the most successful. My study group is thinking about buying the Kaplan system in order to supplement what we have. Could you give me your thoughts on that? Thanks.


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I'm only level II but a friend of mine swears by It is an online study and she suggested that I get it over the summer between levels II and III (costs $300 for the 3 months, and then $50 per month anytime you need a refresher).

The lady doing the review has a very southern accent so that may be a turn-off for some, but I'm from Texas so it doesn't bother me LOL

Either way, she passed NCLEX on the first try, so that does say something!

Good Luck!


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Our School uses Kaplan and they are excellent. They have a number of practice tests, integrative testing and ways of recognizing your trouble areas so you can address them before you sit for your boards. Along with the fee that we pay, it includes a number of 3 hour classes after graduation before you take your NCLEX. They have a 90% pass rate I believe. I would recommend looking into it!!

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