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  1. Deidra36

    Can someone explain these steps of the Endocrine System?

    This was a fabulous beginning to her question, which is the beginning of a beautiful thing to MY question...so, if you have time to elaborate, take it from where you left off and relate it to hyperthyroidism at the cellular level?....thanks in advance!
  2. Deidra36

    Insight for Capstone NEEDED!!

    Hi all! Purdue U. (of northwest indiana) has changed their capstone on us and taken away our 90 hrs. clinical preceptorship and replaced it w/an experiencial learning project composed of 3 team members (students) with a faculty preceptor. What is happening is hospitals are presenting us with issues that they want researched and policy change for. We are to pick a project and each contribute 90 hrs. of time towards and develop policy change for that hospital and present it at the end of the semester (4 yr. RN program ending Dec. this yr) at a convention center with an audience of all the participating hospital managers/coordinators. My problem is the project we got "stuck" with--that and of course the fact that we will be lacking 90 clinical hrs. everyone before us was entitled to!!! Project: To develop a strategy and policy for a brief (diaper) free facility for incontinent adults. I (and my team members) would appreciate ANY ideas, insight, information, any of you could provide us. 270 hrs. of work towards this project seems excessive and over kill. But we can hit it at any angle. PLEASE HELP! Deidra, PUNS (purdue university nursing student)
  3. Deidra36

    The Nursing Math Thread

    You are a savior!!!!
  4. Deidra36

    PTT & APTT - Differences?

    Cool, that works for me...but...how are the antidotes administered normally? By which route? Thanks!