The long anticipated wait

  1. nurse-student-breaking-
  2. Student Nurses, you know the feeling of waiting to see the results...

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  4. by   sharpeimom
    funny and too true!
  5. by   jp1204
    Love it! Luckily my professors have our grades posted very quickly or I would probably do the same thing! haha.
  6. by   nurseontheway
    Yes, I know this feeling ALL too well!
  7. by   Epic_RN
    The waiting for a test while in school is NOTHING compared to the wait after the NCLEX LOL! I live in Cali, no quick results here, and tested on 1/18 -- didn't find out until 2/7 that I passed -- and that was only because my name finally popped up on the CA BON site with my license # LOL!! I would probably have been more patient in school if I had known how aggravating the NCLEX wait would be
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  8. by   CT Pixie
    Ahh, that's me! I want my grade NOW! haha. I'm now a spoiled student of the technology era (and no, I wasn't raised during this period, I'll be 43 in two months haha). And funny to think not so long ago we had no other choice BUT to wait it out.
  9. by   bookworm78910
    I had that impulse many times, and everybody in my class's favorite instructor was the Type-A workaholic instructor who was upset if her tests were not graded and posted 2 hours after the exam. I, too had to wait a week to know if I passed the LPN NCLEX, due to a computer error. That was way more excruciating than waiting for an exam in school!
  10. by   sapphire18
    Hahaha SO true!!! This perfectly describes how myself and my entire class were!
  11. by   nurseontheway
    I was able to find out the day after for my LPN and RN boards but it still bothers you until you know. I can't imagine waiting a week or a month. And to think they had to wait for weeks to get the result in the mail before! I think that the worst part about Nursing school was waiting for the final grade at the end of the semester. There were some classes that I was close on and didn't know if I would make it or not!
  12. by   donsterRN
    I remember those days!
  13. by   MadpeysRN
    I need closure! Give me my grade now!
  14. by   KatieBird
    Luckily, our school uses Blackboard and a lock down browser for all exams so we see our results immediately. The only thing we get impatient for is the news about any points being given back d/t exam error.
  15. by   Satine
    Very funny.