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  1. nurseontheway

    Inpatient rehab unit

    Yes exactly.
  2. nurseontheway

    Inpatient rehab unit

    I have never worked on an inpatient rehab unit before. Is this similar to a med/surg floor? Is this a recommended prn position?
  3. nurseontheway

    Working with a vindictive coworker

    I'm sorry for the late reply. I'm certainly not trying to wear a cape. I had to report the person because they crossed out some documentation on charting and said that I hadn't given a medication when I had. I had to protect myself and ended up having a meeting between this person with the manager- my goal wasn't to report it and I took the correct steps but it wasn't handled. I am watching myself very closely with this person because I know their true colors now. Sometimes we learn the hard way.
  4. nurseontheway

    Working with a vindictive coworker

    How do you protect yourself from a vindictive coworker? I am a nurse and there is a technician that is falsifying documentation on legal documents. They have been reported but the issue wasn't addressed. How do you work in such of a toxic environment? Would it be better if I left the environment and started over somewhere else? I really like my job and my other coworkers so it isn't an easy decision.
  5. nurseontheway

    Patient abandonment?

    In dialysis.
  6. nurseontheway

    Patient abandonment?

    If a technician is assigned to a group of patients and just leaves in the middle of their shift without permission is this considered patient abandonment? Does it depend on the state that you live in or the field that you work in?
  7. nurseontheway

    Agency Nursing

    I have never worked as an agency nurse before. Are you expected to just jump in when you get to the facility? Are you usually given a tour of the facility or does that vary by location? I have been a nurse for a while but this is different for me. What about time to shadow from another nurse?
  8. nurseontheway

    Switching floors

    I work at night and requested to switch floors so I can work days instead of nights. I am not functioning well on nights. However I would be switching from a stepdown ICU to a med/surg floor which means I would have more patients. In some ways I regret saying something but I am really struggling to stay up all night and it has affected me negatively. I have also heard that the nurses that work on days are not helpful or easy to work with. Do I try to suck it up and stay on nights for nicer coworkers and less patients or do I work days which would give me a better quality of life? I do not thrive in a hostile environment and have left places before because of it. I feel so torn.
  9. nurseontheway

    Career change

    I am still in orientation. The nurse patient ratio can be 1/5 but is typically 1/4. I have two preceptors but have not been completely honest about how overwhelmed I am. I really feel like backing out and going back to dialysis.
  10. nurseontheway

    transitioning to Med-surg-HELP

    I am in the same boat as you so I can totally relate. I have also only worked in dialysis and really think that we have a stigma. I'm also currently considering med surg to gain more skills and experience. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or need support.
  11. The mix master would be a good name for a DJ!
  12. nurseontheway

    Trouble catching on as a PCT!

    It took me around a year to really feel like I knew what I was doing. I never thought that I would get the hang of everything. I was hired as a new grad RN but worked as a tech for almost seven months before I started charge training. I know what it is like to have a bad trainer. It can really make you nervous like you said. Would you be able to go to another facility to train?
  13. nurseontheway

    DaVita New Grad questions

    I don't work for Davita but I strongly encourage you to get everything in writing. Like they tell us in school, if it isn't written, it isn't done. I think that you will get good training at Davita. It is important to work as a PCT initially to learn about the machines etc. and get comfortable on the floor. As a charge nurse you need to know how to initiate/terminate treatments, troubleshoot machine issues etc. I worked on the floor for almost seven months before I started charge training. If you have any questions about dialysis please feel free to reach out. Good luck!
  14. nurseontheway

    Working in an outpatient vs in-hospital dialysis

    I have always worked in a chronic unit. I like the fact that the schedule is more predictable- I work 4/10's and we are closed Sunday. There is no on call and we are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day. If my kids were not younger I wouldn't mind the unpredictability of acutes. I have also been told that acutes are based on census and that you may not be able to get all of your hours. I guess if you had chronic experience you could bounce back and forth if need be.
  15. nurseontheway

    Experienced RN new to HD Sad and discourages.

    Dialysis is a grueling field. I have learned that you either love it or hate it- it had to grow on me. The patient population can be difficult and stubborn. It can take them years to come around. The staff can also be difficult until they get to know you. You sound like you are very experienced with different specialities and dialysis is a very specialized field. I think that you should give it some time. If you need someone to vent to feel free to send me a message. I've been through all types of situations.
  16. nurseontheway

    Patient Boundaries

    Thank you so much for your advice. It makes a lot of sense.

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