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  1. nurseontheway

    Career change

    I recently changed specialites and I am struggling. I was in dialysis and went to a stepdown unit. I feel so overwhelmed with the learning curve and am working at night. Do you have any advice for me? I feel like the learning curve is so huge and I am scared.
  2. nurseontheway

    Inpatient dialysis

    I have worked in a chronic clinic for many years and am thinking about applying for an inpatient position. I know that the hours are less structured. What are the differences/benefits of working in an acute setting versus a chronic one?
  3. nurseontheway

    First Nursing Job Dialysis Am I Stuck Forever

    My first job as a new grad was in a dialysis clinic. I recently started working at a hospital after nine years so there is hope. I will tell you that I am learning new skills at the hospital but I miss the structure of a dialysis clinic. It is hard to be responsible for so many systems- heart, lung, wound care etc. I now understand why the older nurses are ending their career in dialysis- I have to finish my contract out (I am in a residency program) but I imagine that I will go back to dialysis one day. The grass is always greener on the other side.
  4. nurseontheway

    Supportive gym shoes

    I have a question about supportive gym shoes. I will be working at a hospital and I know that I will do a lot of walking. Is there a specific brand that you recommend? I do not like the Dansko type shoe so I am looking for gym shoe recommendations. Thank you!
  5. nurseontheway

    Book recommendations

    Are there any books that you can recommend for someone that needs to brush up on cardiac meds, drips etc? I am transferring to IMC and haven't had to know this info in my previous specialty. Thank you!
  6. nurseontheway

    maybe transferring to days?!

    I have learned that confidence comes with practice. When I was a new grad I was terrified to do anything. Now I feel more confident in my judgment. I think you have to do what works best for you- I have never worked at night but I have heard that it can be just as busy. What is the shift that would give you the best work/life balance?
  7. nurseontheway

    IMC or Med/Surg

    If you were new to acute care and had to sign a contract onto a floor for a year would you choose IMC or med/surg? The ratio for med surg is 1 to 5 and I think it's 1 to 4 on IMC. However you have to be ACLS certified and take a telemetry course for IMC. I am not a new grad but am trying to get out of my specialty and the way to break out of it is to gain hospital experience.
  8. nurseontheway

    Least "demanding" nursing Jobs?

    The chillest nursing job I've found is school nursing and working at a juvenile detention center- I only do these jobs prn though so I don't get the full brunt of everything.
  9. nurseontheway

    Nights vs. Days

    That was my understanding too.
  10. nurseontheway

    Nights vs. Days

    Good morning everyone! It is true that working at night is less hectic than working during the day? I am not a new grad but am thinking about going to a hospital to get more skills under my belt. Unfortunately you have to get in on nights and a day shift may open in the future. There is an opening on a med/surg floor and IMC (intermediate care.) I know the patient ratio is less on IMC but the patients are sicker. I am trying to make a wise move and I will have to sign a two year contract since I do not have a year of acute experience even though I've been a nurse for a while.
  11. nurseontheway


    Why is it that Med/Surg is considered the golden ticket of experience in nursing? I work with patients that have many comorbidities and are super sick but it does not look like I have critical care experience (my specialty is dialysis.) I am an older nurse and would like to work in labor and delivery eventually but med/surg seems to be the stepping stone. I just don't know if I can handle the back breaking work and pace of med/surg.
  12. nurseontheway

    I tested positive while in recovery now what??

    Zytrec does make people sleepy- it doesn't affect me that way but I have a coworker that reacts that way.
  13. nurseontheway

    Having difficulty finding a unit I enjoy working in.

    I can relate to you and I hope that you find your niche. I recently switched from an adult dialysis unit to a pediatric unit and am not sure about the switch. I do agree that we should try to give it more time though. My advice to you is to try and show interest in the training- write out questions if it is hard for you to come up with them on the spot. It is hard to be the new nurse on the unit and to build trust with coworkers. Hang in there and I hope it will get easier for you.
  14. nurseontheway

    Is Pediatrics for me?

    My goal has always been to work as a pediatric nurse. I finally landed a job after many years of trying. I should be super excited but I am finding that I miss my adult patients. Can pediatrics grow on you? I didn't like working in dialysis when I started but after about a year it grew on me. That is the department I am working in with children. How do you know if something is a good fit for you? Should I give it a year? The place that I am working was really hard to get into and I should feel super blessed but am struggling.
  15. nurseontheway

    New pediatric nurse

    Thank you for you advice. I will be strictly working in the chronic unit for now. The acute unit goes to the PICU, NICU etc. I couldn't agree more about the 'phony' issue. They can certainly pick up on it.