Student Uniform - My Gosh!

  1. The good news – I was accepted into my nursing BSN program for next semester!

    The bad news – we have a required white dress which is as thin as cheap drape, and the hem hits 2 inches above my knee when standing. When sitting or bending, it rides up even higher.

    The dress code calls for white hosiery – pantyhose or knee-highs. Knee-highs? !!! If this didn’t come from the manufacturer, I would think it could be something for Halloween! Eek!

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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm impractical!
  4. by   SydneyJo1
    What in the world are they thinking? Are they going to make you wear one of those capes too?
  5. by   lilo2010
    OMG! I thought I had it bad! Our white button up uniform top & white pants look great compared to that dress! Congratulations on getting in!
  6. by   lumberjack
    Yeesh, do they even make that in my size? I'm a dude with a size 34 waist and 6 feet tall, 200lbs I didn't think any place in the country still did skirts. I'm so very sorry they are doing this to you. And I thought the white scrubs we have to wear were bad...
  7. by   AtomicWoman
    OMG! That's horrible! How are you supposed to bend over in that? I didn't think anyone wore uniforms like that any more. Jeez, I just looked at it again. Put a little apron on, and the patients will be ordering coffee from you! You poor soul. Well, at least you aren't alone; you have classmates.
  8. by   That Guy
    Thats kinda hot.....yet impractical all at the same time. I like how we have the options of what kind of pants we want ( dress slacks, scrubs or trauma/EMT pants ) as long as they are black and our gold scrub tops.
  9. by   Blueorchid
    ...Yeah what exactly are the guys wearing?

    You can put traditional uniforms where the sun doesn't shine, I find that offensive. And unless you have a bunch of men wandering around in dresses like that I'd say you have a case to protest- why do you have to wear dresses when they don't? Any answer someone fires back at you is likely going to be wrong.

    Above the knee is just ridiculous, I can only imagine what the taller ladies have to go through, I'm six feet and that would be riding somewhere up around midthigh

    Could you wear leggings underneath the dress? Might help prevent a little embarrassment for those times when you have to bend over, climb around, sit down or pretty much move.
  10. by   HyperSaurus, RN
    I actually think it's nice...but I've always been a dress girl
  11. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Not very practical for very large woman, or men. I can't do dresses, I have big boobs and smaller waist, curvy hips, and butt. So they never fit right. Screw white tights, go with black fishnets LOL

    Ours are Celie sp? blue scrubs, from a specific shop but a few different types of tops and bottom cuts to choose from.
  12. by   wannabesedated
    I think that just reinforces the stereotypical "naughty nurse" image..
    Impractical for lifting, transferring, bending, I'd be constantly worried about that thing riding up!
    I am also curious what the men wear!
  13. by   HyperSaurus, RN
    That's true..I'm petite, but with wide hips, so that style usually looks decent on me, but I can see the bending over...
    We wear royal blue scrubs that have to be purchased from a specific, local store.
  14. by   june2009
    That is the worst uniform I have ever seen! I'm so sorry you have to wear that! Did you get any kind of choice in the matter? That's old school for sure.