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  1. lumberjack

    Kalispell Regional Medical Center

    From what I've seen at KRMC folks are mostly fairly happy, in terms of labor and managment, though as someone else said, nurse pay in MT is on the low side, no more at kalispell than elsewhere. The hospital has it's newer and older areas, but things are being upgraded all the time (as I imagine it is the same all over). Definatly more laid back than some west coast and big city places I've seen, friendly people (if a little suspicious at times of foreigners from kalifornia or out east). Nice place to be, as long as you like doing things outdoors. Everybody here hunts or fishes or picks huckleberries or hikes/bikes/rafts/climbs/etc. And everyone skis.
  2. lumberjack

    New Grad Jobs?

    nothing within 100 miles of missoula, that much I can say with certainty!
  3. lumberjack

    shortest ABSN PROGRAM?

    University of Nebraska Medical Center is 11 months. They have 3 campuses: Lincoln, Omaha, and Scottsbluff.
  4. lumberjack

    Nebraska Hospitals

    Sure, no problem. Scottsbluff is in the western part of the state, actually only half an hour from the wyoming border, about an hour north of colorado. This is not the stereotypical flat corn country most folks think of when they think nebraska, though some people do raise corn. More is beets, beans, and cattle. What SB has going for it is the Scotts Bluff Monument, as well as the Wildcat hills, providing some topographic relief. Town is about 10,000 I think, maybe more if you count Gering/Terrytown which are contigous. As for the hospital, I did my nursing school rotations there and was shocked at how modern and nice it is. There is EMAR and electronic charting throughout, 24 hour (I believe...) pharmacy support, and generally good staff relations and esprit de corp. I assume you would be going into NICU; FYI it is not, from what I have heard from others, a traditonal NICU, in fact complicated pregnancies typically get shipped to Denver. That said, they still get full on complex babies there too from time to time. But the NICU is contigous with the nursery, it is all the same space. L and D and nursery/NICU nurses all work 3-3 shifts, although there is talk of this changing. Occasionally they may (?) float to the peds floor, but peds is usually pretty quiet there. Not sure what else I can tell you...the cafeteria serves great food, the cost of living in SB is very low, it is about 3 hours from Denver (major airport), though Great Lakes Air does fly into SB as well. If you have other questions, let me know.
  5. Hi there, So my question is, if you have your license and have been working in another state and the online application asks "Do you have a Colorado nursing license" and you honesty check no, does that kick your application out before HR/hiring managers ever see it? How about as a new grad, if you check no but are intending to get one as soon as you graduate? Thanks in advance, esp from anyone with HR experiance!
  6. lumberjack

    Omaha Accelerated BSN

    I'm finishing up the UNMC accelerated program in Scottsbluff, I don't think anyone in my class has less than a 3.0 coming in, but each of the UNMC accelerated campuses does their own admissions (Omaha, Lincoln, Scottsbluff).
  7. lumberjack

    Accelerated vs. Traditional BSN - what should i do?

    A few thoughts from someone nearly done with their accelerated BSN (11.5 months): Accelerated may not be any cheaper, as most schools charge based on credit hours rather than semesters, and since you are taking the same number of classes and credit hours, you pay the same rate. Depending on your program, accelerated BSN is very nearly all consuming. granted, 15-16 months is a bit easier than 11-12 months, but it is still tight. Don't plan many vacations, etc. You'll need a supportive and understanding wife for all this. Re: grades, I find my grades are likely better in the accelerated program, because it is all I do, think, eat, sleep, etc. If I were in a traditional program I might be more inclined to slack off, etc. But that is just me. To a large extent getting good grades in nursing school is about punching tickets; actual learning may or may not a central component of getting good grades. Oops, do I sound jaded? Sorry about that. The point about getting a summer extern/internship is well made, I imagine that to be a big boon job wise post graduation. But some acclerated programs do allow for enough time in the summer to do that, my fiancee did in her 16 month accelerated BSN. Either way I imagine you'll find a way to make it work... I'd have to second the opinion of the previous poster who advised asking your wife-to-be what she thinks, since her support is so crucial. good luck!