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  1. Meg_student

    Student Uniform - My Gosh!

    I agree with what happens when you are taller. I am on the taller side too, - 5'8" and chunky hips which makes the hem move around on me. I had heard talk about females getting white pants like the guys, but that has not happened, and I have not heard as to why not. We can't wear leggings specifically, but can wear hose.
  2. Meg_student

    Student Uniform - My Gosh!

    The good news – I was accepted into my nursing BSN program for next semester! The bad news – we have a required white dress which is as thin as cheap drape, and the hem hits 2 inches above my knee when standing. When sitting or bending, it rides up even higher. The dress code calls for white hosiery – pantyhose or knee-highs. Knee-highs? !!! If this didn’t come from the manufacturer, I would think it could be something for Halloween! Eek!