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woo-hoo!!!!! only one more day until spring break!!! i can't believe it! i'm just going home to spend some time with folks and plan my wedding.... does anyone have any big plans for spring... Read More

  1. by   cindyln
    wow I wanted to go some place warm but the daughter wanted to go to MAll of America. Guess who is the boss?? I am just glad that she wants to spend time with me. But that may be because I have the $$. lol
  2. by   peaceful2100
    I don't have any exciting plans for spring break like traveling. I am planning on doing some spring cleaning around my house, some shopping at my local malls, and studying for NCLEX.
  3. by   JudithL_in_NH
    Mine's not until the week of March 16, and unfortunately doesn't coincide with my kids' break (they had this past week off).

    On the weekend of the 22nd, my 9-year-old daughter and I will head four hours west to a cat show in NY state; the show specializes in oriental breeds (we love Siamese). A big part of the trip for both of us will be an overnight in a nice hotel, complete with indoor pool and jacuzzi! I may convince my teenage daughter and a friend to come along as well--though the teens usually have something better to do and would rather stay home with their dad.

    The 9-year-old is my partner in crime!
  4. by   renerian
    Hubby is taking the kids to DC so I get the house to myself for four days over spring break!


  5. by   rachaelm4
    1 week to go!!!!!!! husband has saved up & i'm headed for las vegas by myself for 4 days!!! school is brutal!!! 5 tests this week!!! hubby says i need it,i agree, i'm going to get my eat on and my drink on and my gamble on!! :chuckle :chuckle have a great spring break everyone :d
  6. by   Hooligan
    My spring break is next week Woo Hooo!!!!!!! I'm heading on a road trip with one of my girlies to Florida in my new Jeep. We're hoping to go topless somewhere around Georgia I can't wait!!!! I wish DH could have gone instead...but I guess I'll suffer through...somehow... Have a great break everyone!

  7. by   Robin61970
    Spring break here is March 21-28.....can't wait!!!! Not gonna do much since they have a test scheduled the day we come back from break.....
  8. by   maire
    Spring Break for me is next week (March 10-14). No special plans except to study; I have an exam and a lab practicum the week after, go figure.

    Hope everyone enjoys the time off!
  9. by   opalmRN
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by JillianRose
    woo-hoo!!!!! only one more day until spring break!!!/QUOTE]


    Just kidding, I do know what that is unfortuantely I don't have one as I am trying to finish pre-reqs and will continue with online courses until summer when hopefully I will begin the nursing program.

    You enjoy yourself and put one of those little, tiny umbrellas in a drink for me!

  10. by   cpgrn
    Ours is the week of April 14. Seems like a long way off but maybe it'll be warmer by then.
  11. by   ctyler98
    We don't get a spring break! We have snow days to make up for so they took away our break!!!!!
  12. by   TRISHnotyetRN
    Spring Break..... Well the week will be pretty rough. Word is the war may start next week and my husband is on the front lines. Not too much relaxation to be had in my household. It's really scary. While the rest of America goes on their lives and occationally happens to catch some news of "oh a war is going on", thousands of families of military personnel in the Persian Gulf will be going through hell. Sorry to sound bitter, I'm just going through hellish times. Trying to go to school, take care of two small children and worring if my husband will come back home alive to me is just a little unnerving. Sometimes I feel like I don't have the strenght to get through this. I know I have to.

    Please pray for our men in women over there.

  13. by   PennyLane
    Trish, those men and women are in my thoughts. Regardless of how I feel about the US going to war, I am deeply grateful to the men and women who willingly risk their lives for our country.

    I can't imagine what you are going through. Please know that you can come here for support anytime.