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  1. cpgrn

    How Many School Nurses out there ???

    7 years in Illinois. Love it!
  2. cpgrn

    new person, previously a lurker

    Welcome to the BB. Enjoy your stay.
  3. cpgrn

    Perfect name for post boomer/pre gen-x

    Born in 54. I hate to tell you but we had skate boards before you were born.
  4. cpgrn

    Receptionist drawing meds

    If they continue to allow this I would be out the door!
  5. cpgrn

    epidural for herniated lumbar disc?

    L5S1? Any foot drop? Does your pain shoot down the back of your right leg? Does anything relieve it? Have you tried moist heat? (I'm sure you have.)
  6. cpgrn

    What I like about my job

    I love my job! I'm a school nurse and I love working with the children. It's a very good job with great perks. Two more weeks and I have 8 weeks off for the summer. Not for everyone, but I love it.
  7. cpgrn

    It was a cold, dark, stormy night.

    This is so cute!
  8. cpgrn

    epidural for herniated lumbar disc?

    In some cases epidurals will help. Conservative treatment is usually the best option, especially if you have no neurological deficits. They put steroids directly into the epidural space and sometimes that will shrink the swelling and relieve the p...
  9. cpgrn

    nurses in sales

    When I worked in surgery all our sales reps were extremely nice. They brought us lunch and candy. The more of their products that we bought the more they brought us. My daughter works at a doctors office and sometimes they get lunch delivered 5 ti...
  10. cpgrn

    New Physical Form in Illinois

    All of our physicians are stilling using the old forms. We send them copies of the new forms but they continue to use the old ones. We just accept them and work on change. Some of these physicians are still using the form that came before the new ...
  11. cpgrn

    advice and encouragement please

    I really love school nursing. The hours are perfect and the days off are almost the same as my son's. Snow days are wonderful. I really enjoy working with the children - I am in a middle school now. This is my fourth year in school nursing and I ...
  12. I also lurk at work until I find something I really want to post to. The computer, at work, doesn't save my info so I have to login and all that. Also, sometiimes its hard for new people to break in and feel comfortable. I know I felt that way for...
  13. cpgrn

    finding jobs after graduation...

    You won't have any problems. I still get almost daily recruiting notices in my mailbox and on the answering machine and I have been an RN (and working) for 7 years!
  14. cpgrn

    HAD to share,,,,,,,,,,

    You will find a job - no problem. Just look for a job that fits your lifestyle. I was very picky when I quit my last job and I was unemployed for 3 weeks! I love the job I have and it works perfectly for me and for my family. In this age we can a...
  15. cpgrn

    That glorious time of the year!

    Here we are again. School is almost out for the summer. What do you all plan to do with your summer? I'm planning to catch up on some fun reading, swim, fish, garden and try to relax. Also a vacation to PA for a week. Really looking forward to s...
  16. cpgrn

    Hb Thirdshiftguy!

    I remember that he left for a while. Maybe he will come back.