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I just finished my first semester. I had an overall grade of 93.6 percent in Pharm. You need 94 to make an A, so I missed an A by .4 of a percent. My school does not round up grades, otherwise I... Read More

  1. by   BoonersmomRN
    Nope no rounding where I went to school. Every A I missed was by less than a point.
  2. by   CT Pixie
    No rounding up for us either. Your grade is your grade.

    We lost several students to literally tenths of a point.
  3. by   OgopogoLPN
    Our registrar's office doesn't take decimal grades. So my fundamentals mark was 89.9% and it was sent to the registrar as 90%. My semester 1 total mark was 93.6%, so I imagine it will say 94% on my final transcript.

    I'm not sure what they would do if someone got 69.6%, since 70% is a pass at my school. I don't know if they would round in that case and make it 70%.

    That sucks about not having it rounded!
  4. by   nphan2
    my school rounds up as well..
  5. by   tbrown1
    My school does not round up......the grade you get is the grade you earned during the semester.
  6. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    Ours goes to the hundreths place. No rounding. I had a class end at 92.97 and miss the A by 3/100th of a point. I could have puked. Oh well. I can laugh about it now. Well... not really but I figure if I say that enough times, maybe one day I will be able to. LOL
  7. by   Achoo!
    Nope, no rounding. Sucks when you get soooo close!
  8. by   onyx77
    My school rounds up only if you are passing with a C. Anything less then an 80% there is no rounding and you will be taking the class over. Luckily I've never run into the problem of failing a class by just a little bit. I have however missed an A by .1. That always sucks!
  9. by   APBT mom
    Are schools rounds and we get graded for our care plans but not that much they average 15 points out of entire clinical grade. For the work it doesn't seem worth it when I could be studying instead of doing them but like the teacher says "practice makes perfect".
  10. by   megykilo
    my school will not round up for us. our care plans do count towards our final grade, but it is very minimal. too bad. so sad. i spend a lot of time with my careplan and get good grades on them, but as far as theory tests, no matter how well i feel like i know the content i always get thrown by a few questions.
  11. by   rnmomtobe2010
    Quote from Alternator81
    My school uses points method. For instance, there will be a total of 800 points worth of material given out t--400 points for clinical and 400 points for theory (4 tests of 100 points). If you want an A, you need 716 points of higher, so there is no rounding. I think it is very fair.
    Never used the point system until I moved to Illinois. I LOVE IT!!!! It makes things so much easier to me because the averages to me are scary. I can keep up with my points better that way if the professor has something different than what I have I can say BAM, here it is!!
  12. by   LaLa McDaniels
    I can understand trying to be fair by not rounding up a grade, but be for real, if you are at the verge of getting a higher grade why not? For instance you have a 89.6, that is the difference between an (A) and a (B) which will boost up your grade point. But you thinks that's bad. A girl in my sister's clinicals had to make a 77 to finish nursing school and graduate a week later, she made a 76.4 and her instructors did not round up. I mean just one point kept her from graduating that is insane.:angryfire
  13. by   Wolfe24
    Our school does round up from 0.5 and above. An A is 92% (or 93?) so if you get a 91.5 you still have an A. I'm not sure about the reverse though if you are close to failing, as in 76.5, I think they still do round in that situation.