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  1. BoonersmomRN

    New Grad Interviewing for NICU - Please help!!!

    I have worked in the NICU for 15 months now...here are the qualities that I would say are most important Detail oriented Organized STRONG assessment skills( but you will be taught this) Team Player Quick thinker Strong advocate for your patient Most important thing I learned is that you MUST SPEAK UP! When I was brand new I was often too afraid to say something because I thought the Dr's, etc would roll their eyes at me...and you know what sometimes they still do but now I just don't care...be willing to speak your mind! You are the advocate and caregiver for that patient 12 hours a shift! GOOD LUCK with the interview! You'll do great!
  2. BoonersmomRN

    Private Rooms for NICU?

    We have semi private rooms. 2 patients to a room but there are often occasions when there is only 1 baby in a room. The rooms are all layed out in a big semi circle. If I am in the room alone and something happens to my baby all I have to do is take action and yell out for help...we can all hear one another. The rooms do not have doors - only curtains. We can monitor our other babies if we are assigned multiple rooms via monitor and we ALL answer one another's alarms.
  3. BoonersmomRN

    Scrubs in NICU

    We wear our own and do not gown up to hold infants unless they are on isolation. If we go to the Dr/OR we wear yellow gowns but they are removed before leaving the Dr/OR....
  4. BoonersmomRN

    NICU to Pediatrician's Office..interview today...tips?

    Thanks. I don't think I got it though. The interview actually went really,really well ( I thought). I interviewed with the nurse manager, a pediatrician on staff, and the preceptor. I walked out feeling really good about it. She said she had 2 more people to interview and I would know next week. When I got home though I noticed she placed the ad again today after my interview( where I saw it originally). I can only guess she placed it because she is looking for more candidates:(. I'll keep my chin up but it doesn't look good:(
  5. I have an interview today with a Pediatrician's office for a PT job as a RN. I have 1 1/2 years of NICU experience. Working in a pediatricians office has always been my long term goal and I am just over the top that I was actually granted this interview today. Anyone have any hints or tips for the interview? I have never worked in an office before:)
  6. BoonersmomRN

    Administering a Glycerin Enema

    On our unit babylax ( glycerin enema) is kept in a large jar and we just pull out what we need when we get an order for it. We pull up what the prescribed amount is in a 1cc syringe ( usually 0.4 or 0.5cc) and then 0.5 more is pulled back. This is because we administer it through a 6.5 fr NG tube that is lubed. The NG tube holds 0.5 itself...so when pushing 0.9 ( on a 0.4 order for example) only 0.4 goes in. Then we insert the end of the NG tube a little bit into the rectum and hold while we push. Hope that makes sense!
  7. BoonersmomRN

    What to use on the nares to prevent breakdown of skin

    We only use duoderm. If they start to get breakdown they switch them to alladin mask for a break or they will go to 3L heated wire NC. I hate CPAP. I know it's a great tool but I hate it because the babies hate it. It breaks my heart to see my lil ones grabbing and pulling with all their might to take it off. A lot of time the breakdown is a result of the baby moving/grabbing/twisting it.
  8. BoonersmomRN

    Do regular "newborn nurseries" still exist?

    We have a large newborn nursery in my hospital (maryland). It's not uncommon for them to have 50+ babies down there. Yes, many of them room in but there are always a ton of babies down there all times of the day/night. They won't do ABX but they will do bili lights. They don't do transitions either..all of those come straight to us. They also have very strict pulsox requirements. Any baby with a ongoing sat less than 96 is coming up to see us.
  9. We have a 5 1/2 month old baby on the unit right now chronic case since birth- NEC that lead to surgery+short gut, severe food intolerances, chronic lungs you name it. They have cycled through every type of feed known and the only thing he tolerates is Nutramigen AA barely but still he is so incredibly gassy. You can hear it across the room and he's always miserable because of it despite constant positioning changes, vibrating chairs, warm pads under the belly, etc etc. I have suggested Mylicon to all the docs and only 1 was even open to it and she was shot down by the Neonatologist who said no...give Tylenol instead. Tylenol isn't going to help the gas:( I have only been on the unit for 9 months and when I asked around I was told they never write for Mylicon in the older kids. No one really knows why. The head neonatologist basically just waved me off when I asked. Does anyone here use Mylicon?
  10. BoonersmomRN

    LOW Census

    We were VERY slow June/July....down to 12-17 babies and we are a 30 bed unit that is normally packed. Picked up again Aug/Sept We are slow again. Last night we had 13..got 1 admission.. *sigh* I have no paid time off to use to be cancelled....LUCKILY there are people who do have time and have been using it.
  11. BoonersmomRN

    Question for night-shifters

    I have been at it for 9 months and I still can't figure out my schedule. 3 in a row? Works well..I keep the same assignment ( usually) but I am DEAD when I am done....takes me 2 days to get back to norm. But then when I do 2 on 1 off 1 on, or 1 on, 2 off, 2 on...I always feel like I am ALWAYS at work What works for me so far is just mixing it up.... But I am ALWAYS tired ALWAYS tired It STINKS because the fiance and I have been TTC And my cycle since I started nights has gone from the norm 28 days to 36, 35, 24, 39,28,25 UGH@!!!! It's all OVER the place....."sigh"
  12. BoonersmomRN

    Humiliating IV questions

    I am TERRIBLE at them. Granted I only have 9 months experience but it never fails that when a kid has one go out on me they are ALWAYS a tough stick. I have started ONE myself. But, we always do them in teams....so 1 person is the stick person and another is the hold them down/cut the tape/etc etc person. So I have no tips....just know you are not alone...whenever I have a new stick to do or an IV go out my stomach starts doing bubblies.
  13. BoonersmomRN

    Funny Names

    We have a baby boy right now named Foote. I seriously thought that was his last name when i was getting report and the day nurse said " this is baby Foote" ..so i said what is his first name and she said um that is his first name. Pronounced like foot. Baby Foot.
  14. BoonersmomRN

    Off Orientation...

    I've been off orientation for 3 months now and I am STILL scared to death. There are STILL so many things I do not know and I am constantly asking questions. Most nights I feel like a moron when I ask a question and the answer is so obvious I know I SHOULD have known it but temporarily was brain dead. I still have parents ask me questions that I don't know answers to but they have all been very nice when I just tell them that I am not sure and I will go find out for them. My charge nurses have all been EXTREMELY helpful. Good luck! You'll be fine! We all felt ( and still do) that way!
  15. BoonersmomRN

    Formula Prep

    4 hours for everything except Nutramigen...states on the can that it is only good for 2 hours at room temp.
  16. BoonersmomRN

    MD NCLEX -RN exam application

    MBON is notoriously bad for emails/phone call answers..... I have only had luck with them going there in person. Luckily they are only 15 mins from me....so I feel for anyone who has to travel the distance. It's sad...