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  1. Hello All! My school had just required us to interview a Register Nurse that graduated before 1980 for our project. I have asked around, but the nurses that I have asked are more recent graduates of 10 years or less. Is there anyone out there that would not mind helping me & answering a few questions? Any help is very much appreciated. :) Thanks so much in advance.. :typing
  2. nphan2

    Least FADING Scrubs

    Hi all, for all the nurses out there already, which (in your experience) has the most long-lasting color scrubs... I am required to wear a Navy top and Navy bottom, and I have never bought scrubs before. I just wanted to know which brand would be most recommended? Thanks in advance..
  3. nphan2

    1st Year Nursing school books

    my school has it to where it's MANDATORY to buy our textbooks from them... it comes in this HEAVY box that weighs about 40lbs... hehe..
  4. nphan2

    ~Orientation..what to expect.

    3-4 hours?!?!... wow.. .. my orientation was 8 hours long!.. *hehehe*... but we had about 1/2 hour of lunch as well.. We covered hmm... i can't seem to remember... hahaha... lets see.. what was to be expected for classes.. dress code.. about how we probably need to bring a blanket for the winter (b/c it is an OLD building).. about how we are DIPLOMA program, so what to expect.. we also covered about how we can bridge over to get our MSN.. we also received a book list, which is mandatory to buy from them anyways.. ~$700... we did exam question examples to help us understand the difference between conceptual vs. pure memorization... we got our fee bill.. we talked about financial aid.. we even got a two week calendar in advance to show us exactly what time are classes are and orientation on different days.. our classes are literally on a different time schedule EVERYDAY.. so it makes it hard to schedule work.. Happy Holidays :Santa2:
  5. nphan2

    Rounding up grades

    my school rounds up as well..
  6. nphan2

    ONLY got 1/2 the tuition loan amount

    I actually applied for a SM Tuition Answer Loan, and they approved the full thing. I'm still missing something from my application though, so I'm going to have to fax them tomorrow when I get a chance. Try calling their customer service line. I did before, and they have been really helpful. Make sure you have your confirmation number on hand though.
  7. nphan2

    Age you will/were graduated?

    I will be 24 ( a month shy away from 25) when I graduate in December 2009
  8. nphan2

    How do I pay for nursing school?

    I've been wondering about this situation myself... my school starts in January of '08, which is only literally a couple months away. I'm still sitting here wondering where am I going to be able to get the loan for tuition and supplies. I already have a school loan out that is in the process of repayment.
  9. I would love to thank EVERYONE on their advise on what to get for school.. wow.. so much things to get.. lots of $$.. hmm.. i wonder if there is a discounted store or nursing student to get their supplies.. I received a letter of supplies that is needed for my nursing program, first semester... well, let me tell you.. with tution and books and supplies needed, total comes to $4065.25.. and that's for the first semester.. wowzers.. I wish I could have bought my books online, but they said that i'm REQUIRED to buy my books and notes from them because everything comes in this pre-made package for all of us.. it cost $650 My letter states that I am required to have a Littman Classic II or equivalent stethoscope.. does anyone know what is the equivalent?
  10. nphan2

    Baton Rouge General School of Nursing

    Yeah. They have a RN nursing program. I just got my acceptance letter a few days ago, so I'm really excited. The only thing is that I wish they would give me some more information on to what to expect, instead of leaving me in the blue until the first day of class. Class starts on January 4th, so I'm real excited. I'm sure going to buy some of the stuff that is listed on the site as reccomendations.
  11. Hello all I've read alot of posts on this forum and found many threads to be extremely helpful, but I was wondering if anyone has attended BRGSON or is going to and know about the class hours and clinicals. Any information would be of great help. Thanks in advance.

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