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  1. Active diagnoses

    Thank you!
  2. Active diagnoses

    Hi Everyone... im going back to doing MDSs and its been over 7 years. If a resident has diabetes but doesn't take meds, no blood sugar check, no labs for diabetes (whats the look back period for that) no mention in a compliance note within 14 days.....
  3. PICC dressing change nurses notes

    I guess it depends. Our changes are put on the MAR, so we sign it off plus the other info we fill out on the MAR. Measure the length from point of insertion to the hub and measuring three inches about the site and then the circumference of the arm....
  4. My Cushy Per Diem Job I don't have a cushy job. LOL. Well... I guess compared to other LTC facilities I have a good gig. Outstanding benefits, with great pay, differentials... but I do work my butt off more times than not. Depends on what unit I am on. I don't...
  5. nursing theory

    Also, if you are a student (not sure), maybe ask an admin to move this to the student section.
  6. nursing theory

    I won't flame ya! :) To the original poster there are many theories. Could you give more information? And yes some theories are rather....well, elitist.
  7. Licensure/Certification Abbreviation help!

    The way mentioned above is the way I was taught. I don't really add my stuff on except for the RN. As a certified wound care nurse, I could append that, or my education, but really I am in a hurry. Don't have time for that. LOL. Really only my r...
  8. group management project- need HELP please!

    Just thought of another resource. Public health nurses at a city/county health department.
  9. group management project- need HELP please!

    I would also look at the hospitals website. They normally offer smoking cessation classes and will have some information for you to utilize...such as support groups. Reach out to area occupation health nurse. Doesn't necessarily have to be a hospi...
  10. Help w/email to manager for position!

    Just want to add: Plus with going through HR, they know what positions are open and so if you aren't a fit for one area, they might know another area that will take new grads. They will normally ask you what your interests are. So you will get mor...
  11. Help w/email to manager for position!

    Wouldn't you have to go through HR for open positions. Managers normally don't do the first steps of things. HR interviews and then pass the information along. As a past manager, I would not like emails from people looking for a position. I didn'...
  12. snf duties at night?

    Normally you are hopefully finishing up the med pass if it is set at 20:00 and you start at 19:00 until 21:00. I can usually get it done around that time but it depends on how big the unit is and how complex the residents are... blood sugars, insuli...
  13. One last thing and I swear I am off to bed. If the person isn't drinking as well either, she is taking a diuretic and could be dehydrated. Her fluid and electrolytes could be off which could contribute to a fall, confusion, decreased appetite.
  14. As a diabetic, I have learned that diabetics experience the disease differently (I'm generalizing) But for me, I don't get the typical S/S of hypo or hyperglycemia at times. The only way to know is for me to check my blood sugar. I could feel compl...
  15. Why do some States keep making LPN/LVN's prove themselves over and over!!!

    All I can say, is if you move to a new state.... you play by their rules. I wouldn't take it personally.