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  1. PsychNurseWannaBe

    What have you done without a Dr. order???

    I only order things that I have standing orders for; which include things like get xray if fracture is suspected, obtain UA with C&S if S/S of UTI, etc.
  2. PsychNurseWannaBe

    Wound won't heal despite interventions

    Hi, I have been working on this wound for a long time. It is a stage 4 PU on the left ischial. Treatments have been changed several times and now is to lightly pack with aquacel ag rope and cover with versevia, change QD. The wound tissue itself looks healthy... nice beefy red granulation. Poor nutritional intake which is frustrating. On a multivit with minerals and arginate BID. The wound is followed by a plastic surgeon with the attending to order labs and such. Albumin and prealbumin low. Receives a magic cup. She is on a turn schedule. I was thinking if wound changing would be less frequent if that would help. My concern is when I take the aquacel ag out it is saturated after a day. Currently working with Dietitician and PT. She is also on mirtazipine for appetite stimulant. Attending MD would not change to megace at the Dietiticians request. No S/S of infection. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated!! Thanks!
  3. PsychNurseWannaBe

    New grad in nursing home please help!

    Stay on orientation as long as possible. Find a mentor and ask appropriate questions. I had a great mentor and she even put up with me. :)
  4. PsychNurseWannaBe

    what does this sign mean?

    Would need to know the context of its use in order to help. Otherwise I have no clue.
  5. PsychNurseWannaBe

    collaborative problem

    You are welcome. You can do it!!! Welcome to Allnurses. I found this site when I started school as well and it is very helpful. Make sure to look at the sticky notes for some awesome websites that will guide you in your learning.:)
  6. PsychNurseWannaBe

    Fundamentals of nursing- Careplan scenarios

    Does your med surg book have scenarios in it, or some other text books? I would look in them. Buy some good NCLEX books. Although you don't formulate complete care plans, it helps with the different stages of the nursing process.
  7. PsychNurseWannaBe

    LTC Salary for new grad RN

    $8.00/ hr people are talking about 20 - 30 years ago.
  8. PsychNurseWannaBe

    collaborative problem

    Collobarative problems are headed with PC for potential complication. An example would be PC: Sepsis or PC: Acidosis (metabolic). With a PC dx there will be or should be nursing dx that would fit with it also. A nursing dx should not have a medical term in the r/t field...unless possibly when in use with a secondary. For example Risk for injury r/t altered mobility secondary to arthritis. Your nursing careplan book and/or nursing fundlementals book should be able to guide you.
  9. PsychNurseWannaBe

    Doctor shortage? 28 States may expand Nurses' role!

    What concerns me are the people who finish the BSN and move directly into the MSN NP program without bedside experience. I have had some of these NPs and thought... where are your critical thinking skills?. If you are going to plow through 6 years of schooling, maybe NPs should have a "residency" in order to have time to incorporate theory and skills. I wonder how PA's do it?
  10. PsychNurseWannaBe

    Doctor shortage? 28 States may expand Nurses' role!

    Right, but there should be nothing wrong saying your Dr. babyRN and I'm the nurse practitioner that will be taking care of you. You qualify your profession. I know the bigger part of the original post is the expansion of scopes of practices for NPs and PAs. I don't know how I feel about it. I have seen some inexpierenced docs and NPs. I think I tend to go with a MD for serious things. No problem seeing a NP for sore throat, flu, etc.
  11. PsychNurseWannaBe

    Doctor shortage? 28 States may expand Nurses' role!

    If you have a doctorate, referring to yourself as a doctor is not misrepresenting yourself. A nurse can not append, say, MD after their name unless they are one. Using MD, DO, NP etc... when you don't hold the credential is misrepresenting yourself. Dr. is not a credential but an educational prefix.
  12. PsychNurseWannaBe

    Doctor shortage? 28 States may expand Nurses' role!

    With the addition of NPs having DNP I don't think it is wrong for them to be called doctors... there just has to be public education done so the public knows. Many professions have doctors, why shouldn't nurses? Dr/Dentist Dr/Physician Dr/Professor, Dr/PhD, Dr/Psy, etc... they still wish to be called Doctor. Now I don't think a NP is "just like a doctor", but really the phrase should be I don't think a NP is "just like a physician". They both can be doctors; just different disciplines.
  13. PsychNurseWannaBe

    How do you overcome nervousness when with patients?

    It is very hard to invade someone's space...especially if it is in the intimate space of 0 - 18 inches. Develop a rapport with your patients ASAP. Use humor appropriately. Ask them questions like, does this hurt? when you are doing something. Or be honest and state it might hurt a bit, like when you place an IV. Just be honest with them. When you introduce yourself, make sure you say you are a student nurse or 2nd year student nurse, etc. I promise it will get better with time. One day you will have to put in a catheter and then you have to be all up in their business. :) Before you enter the room...take a breath and remember to say... I AM the nurse.
  14. PsychNurseWannaBe

    Resume experience help

    Isn't your school going to show you how to make a resume? We had several classes throughout college years regarding resumes. Does your school have a career services office that can help you? I was told that nursing resumes are different than regular resumes especially when you want to add clinicals as a new grad. I used the following format. Basic info... name, address, phone number Overview Education Certificates Licensures Student Nurse Clinicals Actual employment Awards/honors We were told to make sure to use the title Student Nurse Clinicals so we didn't accidently misslead a potential employer. The reason I put student nurse clinicals first is because my previous employment had nothing to do with nursing. (career change) It should be 2 pages or less. Use active verbs and not passive ones. (https://www.uwosh.edu/career/documents/action%20verbs.pdf/view) Cruise around on this website and look at the available resumes. (https://www.uwosh.edu/career/documents_) Once you tackle that, then you can make a cover letter. I really hates those. It's harder for me to make a cover letter than a resume. :) Best wishes and congrats on your upcoming graduation! Good luck with NCLEX!!! ~Psych