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full-time lpn student and mother of 2

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  1. rnmomtobe2010

    I've missed this forum!!!

    Hello all. I have been gone for a while. Well, first of all, I failed lpn school. I wasn't devastated or anything because for some reason, the Lord was preparing me for what was to come. My mother went into the hospital 2 months before school I started and stayed until October. She spent 4 months there and during that time, she was going through a spiritual transition. I did not know at the time. She had a spirit of discernment. And she often told me that the Lord wasn't ready for me to start school at that time and that I needed to wait. But I thought I knew it all...Boy was I wrong. Like I said in a previous post, we as human beings can only see right now, but the Lord can see until the end of time. I started school anyway and little did I know, my mother was dying. She knew this. She went in June 12, 2008 with an awful infection in her exit cite. She was a dialysis patient. While in there, she suffered a heart attack which made her heart work only 10%. Even though I am the oldest child, I was considered her baby because I was a mama's baby and always clinged to her. Little did I know that she was giving up and on March 6, 2009, my mother, my "black queen" my best friend, my everything went home to be with Jesus. Valentines Day, she suffered a heart attack and was basically brain dead for 3 weeks. This is the hardest task I have had to tackle in my life. I just knew that I was going to lose my mind, but because of My Jesus and his love, I am alright and so is Mother Dearest. I just cut this story short because I am getting overwhelmed. But I wanted you all to know that I haven't given up on school nor life and I have missed ALLNURSES!!!
  2. rnmomtobe2010

    i failed out of nursing school...now what

    Been there...done that...I just stopped by to say hang in there and that it will get better. Don't get discouraged and I am glad that I failed. Weird...I know...There were a turn of awful events that took place in my life and it worked out for the best. Only God knows. We can see right now, but he can see until the end of time. Good luck!!
  3. rnmomtobe2010

    What makes Nursing school so hard?

    Nursng school is what you make of it. Personal things or lack of interest. There can be a number of things that makes nursing school so hard but it depends on that person. Good Luck!!!!
  4. rnmomtobe2010

    Listen Up!!!!

    For those in Nursing School or Considering it... I have a few words of advice... If yu have any personal issues, don't allow them to get in your way. By All means we are trying to accomplish goals and there is always someone out there who wants us to fail... Case in point...I am going through pure you know what at home and because of that I am having to start Nursng School over in January. My grades were not the best and I am a straight A student. My life had been drama free until school started. How crazy is that. Do what you have to do to make it. Please don't let anyone and I mean anyone get in your way. I am not crying over spilled milk and I am grateful that I was givng another shot. So now I have time to sort things out and get back on the band wagon... Good Luck to everyone else!!!!
  5. rnmomtobe2010

    Charting?? What is it?

  6. rnmomtobe2010

    "And it's all going to be your fault"

    I kid you not...My instructor just stood in the classroom last week and made mention to that...I thought it was crazy for a minute until I logged on and read this post...She also said "afterall, it is the nurses who spends 99.99% of the time with the patient"....
  7. rnmomtobe2010

    help! I'm terrified of clinicals!

    I feel the same way...I start Wednesday and I get nervous everyday... Good luck and just pray...
  8. rnmomtobe2010

    What school are you going to?

    Capital Area School of Practical Nursing in Springfield, Illinois!!!
  9. I feel the same way....I get them done though... It is a lot to remember, though...Just take your time and try and remember the things your instructors emphasize... I tried to remember the whole book...lol....Not gonna happen...Good luck!!!!
  10. rnmomtobe2010

    Where are you in LPN School?

    I will come back...Awesone gesture...
  11. rnmomtobe2010

    Nurses and religion

    There is really nothing that can be done about beliefs...Just respect their decision...
  12. rnmomtobe2010

    Postpartum depression in men?

  13. rnmomtobe2010

    Postpartum depression in men?

    Not being sarcastic or anything...But can men have postpartum depression? I thought that came along with pregnancy.....I really would love to hear more about this....
  14. rnmomtobe2010

    Official allnurses.com fan club on facebook

    It's about time...I am soooo excited....Gives me something to do this weekend.....
  15. rnmomtobe2010


    I know...If I can survive until June 19th...Just kidding...I just took another test so wish me luck.....
  16. rnmomtobe2010

    Where are you located

    Sullivan, Illinois...For now...Then I am going back home to Memphis, Tennessee:)